Sunday, February 12, 2012


Made it back home from my weekend in Kansas, where me and my brother watched the Jayhawks beat the OSU Cowboys. It was a fairly lopsided game and we didn't have great seats, but it was still an interesting experience to say the least. Its a different energy than an NBA game with all the rituals and chants and devotion.

When the opposing players are introduced, the whole stadium waves newspapers in front of them, as if not even interested. When the home players are introduced, those newspapers are turned into confetti and a rain of it comes down for each name. When the opposing players have the ball, the crowd makes this droning noise to confound them.

And then there's the chant..."Rock chalk Jayhawk. Go KU!" This video (not mine) is a pretty good representation of it. It's strange, but a tradition over a hundred years old. (You would not believe how crazy they went when they showed the old coach from the 50s.)

On the trip, we also went to Kansas City one morning, had some not-so-great BBQ, checked out downtown. But goddamn...they can keep that midwest chill.

Here's some pics I took.


uncle jim said...

If you dont do your research into where the good BBQ is you might just end up in a not so good BBQ place.

Rookie mistake.

James said...

Yeah, my laptop was on the fritz and surprisingly enough, there weren't a lot of BBQ places apparent where we were driving.

uncle jim said...

You should call my nephew. He is an IT guy who LOVES to fix peoples computer problems for FREE!!!!!!

James said...

Ha! I know that guy. He's a dick.