Sunday, January 22, 2012


This photo cracked me up when I saw it. Supposedly it depicts Mitt Romney doing his own laundry a couple days ago in South Carolina.

I guess this is supposed to take him down a peg, show the rest of the world that despite the bank accounts worth millions down in they Caymans, Mitt's just a regular dude.
Of course, he's not just a regular dude. Not really.

I'm also sure that he doesn't spend much time doing laundry or other household chores, what with the running for president thing and all. How did Newt Gingrich win in South Carolina? Cuz Mitt Romney was at the laundromat.

And really? I know Mitt Romney has to convince voters that he's recognizably human, but why not have a photo op somewhat related to the job for which he's applying? Like he's gonna be up at the White House, doing laundry...

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