Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Decline of The Exhibitor Trade

I often complain about the dummies that work in our nation's theaters, and for good cause. They can't trace cables, can't find dead bodies in bathrooms. It's a wonder they can pop popcorn really.

Updated: Word is that 5 managers were put on leave for not noticing the dead man in their bathroom.

Corporate says:
"Cinemark is evaluating its opening and closing procedures to determine how this could have taken place and to ensure that it does not happen again."
Um.....okay. Do that, but do this also: Rather than hiring the dumbest, cheapest, laziest people you can find, cough up an extra buck or two an hour and hire some decent employees.

I was watching the special features on True Grit the other day and they were talking about how they had a couple of guys up on a cherry-picker pulling leaves off a tree because the movie was set in winter. Do you know which tree I'm talking about?

Probably not. Even if you noticed the tree, you would never have known it was denuded by a crew on a cherry picker.

That's the kind of care, detail, and professionalism that goes into the making of films. The dead body locked in the bathroom for five days? That's the kind of care, detail, and professionalism that goes into screening them.

Updated: This Channel 7 story has more details.

Why didn't they find him when they went to clean the bathroom? Well, they don't clean their own bathrooms. They use a janitorial service. What are the chances they hired the only janitorial service in the state NOT staffed by poorly-compensated migrant workers of questionable documentation?

She thought the theater had a problem with the bathroom, so she didn't report it. The report noted the woman didn't speak English.
And then you have the general incompetence of the theater staff:
A theater employee told police he had tried to enter the bathroom on Jan. 12 and 13, but found it locked. On Jan. 14, another employee reported the bathroom was still locked. It wasn't until a third employee said that he was made aware of a foul smell coming from the bathroom that employees forcibly entered by using a wrench and found DeGrazio's body.

Apparently, the theater was unable to locate a key to unlock the bathroom door.
This does not surprise me in the least. We're talking about low-paid part-time positions with as little responsibility as possible. It's the kind of job where not giving a shit is actually a virtue. Give a shit and you'll wonder why you're paid peanuts and not empowered to do a goddamn thing.

What are the chances that the key to the family bathroom is being guarded fiercely by some high-and-mighty tyrant with "manager" in their job description?


What a joke. This is how business is done in this country? Yes. Yes it is.

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Momma said...

OMG....You have been saying for a long time how clueless some of these people are...Five days.... really?