Saturday, August 06, 2011

Garden Timelapse

This took a lot of time and some effort. The Ghetto Garden - Summer 2011

Let's All Get the Same Girl Pregnant Tonight

I'm so glad someone put together a compilation of all of Rafi's "Greatest Hits." His whole purpose on The League is to be the most horrible, vile, disgusting character ever conceived.

But the way Jason Mantzoukas plays him is hilarious

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What a Dump

Man, I pulled into the driveway this morning in disgust.

It was the vacant house next door that did it. Three ladies --Grandma, Mom, and Daughter-- were living there until about two weeks ago. And this is how they left the place...
Overgrown weeds, screen door wide open, a DVD player or something laying in the driveway, trash strewn everywhere, a rinky-dinky air conditioner being held up with a mop handle, window wide open and covered with a trashbag. Not pictured: the globs of motor oil their leaking van left in the street.

Where's the owner, I wonder? Does he care about this property?

Tarring the Baby

An incident on my brother's favorite radio show has been drawing national attention. Some dumbass Republican compared Obama's policies to a "a tar baby and you get it... you know you're stuck, and you're part of the problem now, and you can't get away."

He's since apologized and good for him. I get the "tar baby" metaphor, but something like "tractor beam" would have been just as descriptive with less racial overtones.

Not Doing it Right

Gimme a break.
For now, it's an unidentified submerged object. But a strange circular formation deep below the Baltic Sea has sparked great excitement among UFO believers who think it might be a crashed flying saucer.
Really? Sounds like the plot of Sphere...

That is, it sounds more like science fiction than actual science.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Evil Squash

Look at this squash plant.
I hate it.

If it produced a decent squash, I'd love it. But it produces these big lumps of squash, copious amounts of them, but I don't like it that way. I think I'm just going to junk this thing, plant some carrots there instead.

The Ghetto Garden Definitive

From this angle, you can almost see the whole thing.

Flower Pics

A dahlia.

Another dahlia.

An orange zinnia.

A pink zinnia.

And a dewey web in a bed of coreopsis.

The Scream of the Butterfly

This butterfly was flying around my yard last weekend.