Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden Pics

A zinnia.

A dahlia.

Soon, I'm going to have a tomato apocalypse on my hands.

The monsoons tricked my squash plant into growing pumpkins or something. Look at these inedible mutants. That one on the right is the size of a small person's head.

Water World Timelapse

I went to Water World the other day and managed to get a bit of crowd timelapse in when we broke for lunch.
You can see me and my niece pop up almost subliminally in the middle of it.


I've made a conscious effort to avoid blogging about stuff in the news. It's just too depressing. Nothing reinforces my lack of faith in humanity than reading about what's happening in the world.

Take Oslo. A bomb blast and a massacre. Of course the question everybody was asking was why can't these Muslims stopping killing people? Then it turns out to be a Christian local who actually doesn't like Muslims.

And just the other day I was reading the hundredth lame complaint about how smug the "New Atheists" are. Yeah, so we're smug but we're unlikely to blow shit up because of our religious beliefs.

And then there's the debt ceiling debate. I'm no friend to the Republican party, but is it just me or are they acting, no, not necessarily juvenile, just unprofessional.

John Boehner is really going to sit there and cry about out of control government spending? Boehner?? John Boehner's been in Congress since 1990. It's nice that he's concerned now that we've spent it all, but hey, dumbass, how about not spending so much in the first place?

John Boehner has won election 10 times straight, and all that proves is that there are a lot of dumb motherfuckers in Ohio.

And this one, this one bugged me too.

Last week a guy flipped out at the Denver Zoo, scuffled with security guards, got zapped with a taser and died. It's still unclear why he flipped out or how exactly he died, but he died.

Turns out the dude was black. Cue the activist chorus.
""Why is this a race issue? This is a black man that died at the hands of a white officer," (community activist Alvertis) Simmons said. "Even though there was a black command officer that came, at the end of the day, the culture is still the same."
This wasn't the Rodney King beating, Alvertis. It was a guy fighting with security guards at the zoo because he was acting crazy. (The whole thing started when the deceased started beating his girlfriend.)

It's not a race issue. Don't make it one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dumb Headlines

Hell's Winter

Don't tell my nephew, but he got me hooked on this rapper from New York named Cage. Never heard of the guy until the kid started gushing about him, but you know, he's not bad.

Some of it verges into TMI territory, almost like listening to a therapy session, but he does have a way with words. Check out this rhyme from his song about Iraq.
I wake up to a caffeine, cigarette vaccine
Then bathe in water I wouldn't drink before gasoline
Feel like a loser cause I'm not in Fallujah
Painting a Land Cruiser with an Iraqi then taking his Ruger
No M-16 to give me a callus
Inhuman super malice for GOP uber alles
Baby suicide bombers hurtle suitcases in a nursery
I'm in a deli eating tuna, tasting the mercury


My alter-ego got mentioned in a post at the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Links over there. ---->)

I kind of embarrassed myself in that thread, so I didn't revisit it and I'm a bit squeamish about adding more. I mean, I didn't expose myself or anything, but I think I might have been a little bitchy.

But it's still pretty cool that Herb got namechecked.

Dumb Criminals

I don't think I'll ever commit an armed robbery, but if I did, I wouldn't do it like this. Some little store with maybe a couple hundred bucks on hand? C'mon. I'm not risking jail for that.

I don't think I'd do it with an unarmed accomplice. Nor would I do the little pirouette in the door when the chihuahua comes snapping at their ankles.


Hail to the Vagina

There's been a lot of controversy this weekend over this ad being played in front of Harry Potter.

The complainers won. It's not playing in front of Harry Potter anymore...

Monday, July 18, 2011

They Stole My Idea!

This is brilliant.

I'm not going to go so far as to say that rubber-neckers should be shot, but they should at least be beaten up.

And every time I'm in a traffic jam caused by "curiosity slowing," I often wonder what can be done to lessen the impact. Obviously people cannot be trusted on their own to just keep on driving, but if you pass a law, how are you going to enforce it?

This traffic screen thing totally complies with my "Gotta be smarter than the dog" life philosophy.

More Time Lapse

In case you missed it, this morning's sunrise.

I'm still experimenting with this time lapse thing, but a sunrise is not a good test subject... Too much variation in the lighting, which you can see when the vid goes dark for awhile in the middle. (The camera was confused!)

I wish I had another hour to catch the sun rising even more, but maybe next time I'll point the camera west just to see how that looks.

I still want to do a time lapse on something that has a lot of movement, like a bus station or an overhead shot of a crowd. That would be interesting, I think.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Baseball - Endless and Boring Edition

ESPN is still broadcasting a scoreless Boston-Tampa Bay game being played down at Tropicana Field. It's in the 16th inning. It's almost two in the morning down there right now.

Someone should just forfeit at this point...

Say it Ain't So

If you've seen a show about ancient Egypt the last couple of years, you've probably seen Zahi Hawass. No more. Thanks to the political turmoil in Egypt, he's been canned.

He always struck me as a kind of goofball, but I'm sad to see him go.