Friday, June 24, 2011

Mountain Man

Digging this song by the Crash Kings. Can't remember where I've heard it before, but it came up on Pandora last night and instantly dug in like a proper ear worm.

Dumb Dog

I found this on the internets and it had me rolling. One would think if dogs had an basic understanding of physics, they wouldn't do stupid shit like this.

(You might have to click the image to get it to play.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That Western Feel

Here's Colin Reed, CEO of Nashville's Gaylord Enterainment, talking about investing in a property in Colorado.
"Through the eyes of our customers ... when they go to a particular market, images flash through their minds of what they expect. When they come to the foothills of the Rockies, this Western feel is something that resonates."
When I first read this, I groaned. "This western feel" is usually bullshit, especially in the Denver-Metro area.

There's an oversized statue of a heifer outside the Denver Art Museum, big as a truck, just sitting out on the lawn, and the funny thing is that's the only cow the people of this city see on a regular basis. A more representative image would be a brew kettle.

But still, I like Reed's way of building a national chain that retains its regional flavor. He's also on the board of Bass Pro Shops, which shares the same philosophy. Yeah, the merchandise is the same --whether it's fishing reels or hotel beds-- but the venue doesn't need to be.

As for the huge Gaylord complex they're going to put in near DIA, I'm for it. I'm for it even if the government has to basically bribe them to do it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One of These Days I'm Gonna Get Organizized

I cleaned out my closet yesterday and now I have all these years of paperwork accumulated in boxes that I have designs on organizing. Half of it is trash.

My paper shredder has been overheating trying to chew through it all. I've got two bags full of shredded paper and a huge bin of stuff yet to shred. So much for that idea.

A Couple Records

Imagine my pleasant surprise. A newly reunited Soundgarden put out a live record with incredible versions of all the hits, then I find that Karma to Burn put out a new record too. Alright, eMusic, you're on.

Soundgarden's Live on I5 is, to be blunt about it, an incredible live record. I think I may actually prefer some of the versions on this record to the original. A couple deep cuts from Badmotorfinger, Searching With My Good Eye Closed and Slaves and Bulldozers, are given new life entirely, with Slaves being given over nine minutes of jam time. Plus Black Hole Sun, which I've always thought was one of the band's more unpleasant tracks, is only three minutes and it's performed coffee-shop style, just a dude and his guitar.

Thank you, Soundgarden, for giving the nine minutes to Slaves and Bulldozers instead.

As to the Karma to Burn record, it's short --8 tracks-- but that should mean it's cheap by per-download rates. The thing about this band is that, usually, there is no vocals. It's pure straight up instrumental rock, and the riff is king. Instead of naming their songs, they just give them numbers.

This record, though, has three songs with vocals, lyrics, and actual names, which is fine. One of them is Black Sabbath's Never Say Die and, let's be real, you can't go wrong with a Black Sabbath song. The numbered tracks bring the riffage though, Fifty-One being particularly liable to make you stomp your feet.