Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ain't That Some Shit

I heard about this song when it first came out, but it wasn't until this weekend that I actually heard it and now that I have...I love it.

"Though there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best
But fuck you."
That's awesome.


I've been thinking about getting back into the dating world when my shift changes, but I don't know. The last couple of years, I've been somewhat disgusted by the whole process.

I always feel like I'm on a job interview, competing with a list of other candidates who have better resumes. And while I don't mind feeling like that if I'm applying for a job, it strikes me as a very poor way to develop, you know, an intimate relationship with another person.

Which is kind of the point of the whole enterprise, I think.

Movie Reviews in Ten Words or Less

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Interesting themes, poorly drawn characters, no plot. Over-rated!

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