Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Oldie But a Goodie

I'm sure you've seen this one. American troops lead some newly minted Middle Eastern troops. Not sure if they're from Iraq or Afghanistan. Does it matter?

Most of them are confused by this jumping jack business and they all fail in their own unique way.

Animal Wrongs

The other night I was watching an utter tragedy of a show called Married to Rock. It's a reality show about the wives of four rock stars and it is baaaad. In a just world, it would embarrass anyone associated with it, but in this shameless era, of course it doesn't.

In the episode I was watching, Duff McKagan (why, Duff, why?) was telling his wife about some puppy mill or something he saw at a market. And while I have no doubt this was distressing, they respond in the most obvious celebrity way possible: a nude photoshoot as part of PETA campaign.

Yeah, seriously.

Number of animals saved? Zero.

Number of celebrities who feel better about themselves? Two.

I say this because later today I'm going to the rodeo at the National Western Stock Show, where there will be no doubt animals in cages, animals being ridden by people, animals being roped up, animals being poked and prodded and sold for slaughter.

If you think this is cruel and want to do something about, here's my suggestion. First, take off all your clothes. Second, grab your camera........

Don't Make That Sound Ever Again

If you watch this and don't laugh, you're not even human.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Um...Not Really

A Rush Limbaugh billboard in Tucson that was taken down on Monday.
As you can see, it declares with words that Rush is a straight shooter. The bullet holes, though, are all over the place.


Talking Points Memo has more. Clear Channel's statement:
Starting several weeks before the recent tragic incident in Tucson, Clear Channel Outdoor had been displaying an ad campaign created by a local Tucson talk radio station to promote its broadcasts of Rush Limbaugh's nationally syndicated radio program. This particular ad - which used the common expression "straight shooter" to describe Mr. Limbaugh's candid and direct style -- was designed and contracted for by the local station's promotion department - not by Mr. Limbaugh's program. In the wake of the tragedy, Clear Channel Outdoor management in Tucson quickly elected to take down this ad - believing that discussion of its interpretation would not contribute to the desire for healing in the Tucson community.
Cover your ass much?

When You Put it Like That

I started writing a post last night but stopped because I realized I was dangerously close to calling Native Americans of the Southwest are an inherently dishonest people. In other words, they're liars.

And when you put it like that, it sounds bad. But it's true.

I mean, they're not pathological about it, lying about every little thing, but when it comes to their culture, their religion, their history, their entire ethnographic structure, you should not expect an Indian to tell you the truth. Other tribes, sure, they'll be open and honest about it, but some of these tribes in the Southwest?


They simply don't want you to know these things. For a variety of reasons, their culture is very secretive, even internally within the clans. So when some white anthropologist comes digging around, asking questions, they'll just make something up. To someone steeped in Western culture, with its Judeo-Christian ethics and Greek inquiry and Roman pride, we might find that hard to understand.

But to them, it would more polite to lie to an outsider than it would be to betray the tribe's secrets. To them, it's not even really a lie. It's more like throwing a dog a bone, you know, take this, ya mangey mongrel, and scat.

Emphasis on the scat.

Of Bumperstickers and Men

I saw the weirdest thing on the highway today.

A cargo van for a home-improvement business festooned with pro-Obama stickers. Now obviously this van didn't belong to some big corporation, but the guy who owned it apparently doesn't care if he doesn't get much business from Obama-haters.

And as a small business owner, he's not afraid of Obama; he's positively thrilled!

An interesting contrast to the sour old man I saw driving the car with the "Sorry yet?" bumper sticker. (The O in Sorry was the Obama logo.) Poor guy must be miserable...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jack Vale - Prankster

This guy's pranks had me rolling.

I cried when I saw this one.

All About the Money

I endorse what this guy says:
"Creative people should be fairly compensated for what they create but that’s not the same as saying a few of them must become absurdly wealthy selling crud."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Heated Political Rhetoric

Ever since people started showing up at Tea Parties rallies carrying assault rifles, some people --for the sake of argument, let's call them hard-left socialists-- have been arguing that it's only a matter of time before some crazy person shoots up a political event.

Now just because a crazy person attempted to assassinate a Democratic Congresswoman this weekend doesn't mean those hard-left socialists were right. It might actually mean the shooter is, himself, a hard-left socialist.

I say this all with sarcasm, of course, because it seems that some people --for the sake of argument, we'll call them right-wing fascist pigs-- are more upset that "heated political rhetoric" got called out than they are over the assassination attempt. Example.

The sad truth is that a lot of "heated political rhetoric" is confusing. It can take a perfectly rational individual and scramble them up until they sound like an ignorant lunatic. If it can do that with an otherwise mentally healthy person, imagine what it's going to do with a schizophrenic off his meds.

The people who are quick to say "heated political rhetoric" had nothing to do with the assassination are worried that their heated political rhetoric may have had something to do with it.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cacti From Seed

I started all of these from seed, well, except for the nubbin in the bottom left which I started from a cutting, to amuse myself this winter. I have more growing, but these are the most advanced.
Once they're established, succulents are easy to grow. They don't need much water, just a nice temperature and some light. But growing them from seed?

It's tricky. Too much water will drown them and too little will dry them out. And they grow so slooooooow. It's taken half a year for the ones in this pot to reach this size. I want to unleash them in the summer sunshine and see what happens.

For comparison's sake, here's the same pot a few months ago.
And this is how the process starts. It's too cold to use this shelf during the winter, so I set up a light above my fridge and moved the flats over there. It's a little ghetto gardening trick, using your fridge as an improvised seed-warming mat.


I knew it was going to snow today. But they said it wasn't going to start until this afternoon.

Yeah, right.
So much for my plan to rehang my back door.

Say It Ain't So

I've already accepted that Melo is going to be on the Nuggets squad for much longer. But they want to take Chauncey Billups too?

I was kinda hoping he'd stick around for the duration.