Monday, November 07, 2011

Original Notes for Dracula

For today's glimpse into the writing process, I give you some of Bram Stoker's initial notes for his novel Dracula.
What's interesting about this document is how Stoker's ideas evolved. Here he has Dr. Seward as Lucy Westenra's fiance, and while Dr. Seward is one of her suitors in the book, Lucy is actually engaged to Arthur Holmwood (who is missing from the list entirely).

Renfield is there, identified only as "Mad Patient."

Count Dracula's original name was "Count Wamphyr." (Imagine if that one stuck!)

Also interesting is that it seems that the character of Van Helsing is a composite of some of these characters, my guess would be "A German Professor - Max Windsfoeffel" and "A Psychical Research Agent - Alfred Singleton." The "Texan" is not "Brutus Maris," but Quincey P. Morris. And am I to believe that Arthur Holmwood (who in the course of the story is declared a British Lord) started out as a painter named Francis?

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