Monday, August 22, 2011

More Hope and Change

I feel bad for smart people who say dumb shit. Example:
So I was checking Drudge to see what's going on in the world and the big news, of course, is that the 11th Circuit has struck down the individual mandate part of Obamacare, which i guess means the government can't make you eat your veggies, which is a good thing.
Man, you don't check Drudge to see "what's going on in the world." You check Drudge to see what's going on in the world of the right wing media.

It's a subtle distinction, I know, but if you're just listening to only one side of the partisan divide, you will gradually become more stupid. You will lose the ability to think critically, which will lead you to repeat non-truths and psuedo-facts. It's not a political thing; it's just human nature.

As for the 11th Circuit striking down the individual mandate, yes, they did do that, but it's not "big news" unless you were hoping for that to happen. If you're still holding out for the "big news" of the Supreme Court's ruling, then this is little more than "little news" about one small step in a larger process. Sure, it may have been the lead story of the day, but a few months ago the big news story of the day was Charlie Sheen getting fired from his TV show. Wonder what Drudge was saying about that....

As for the "I guess the government can't make you eat your veggies," bah. At first glance, yes, it looks like the mandate is forcing you to do something you should be doing on your own, but you drill down a little deeper and it's not so much "nanny state" as it is "general welfare."

I mean, the government isn't saying "eat your veggies." They're saying, "you can't make other people pay for the veggies you're eating." What's wrong with that?

I'd prefer a more robust healthcare reform that makes it more of a public service, but we're too dumb as a country to figure that out without some ignoramus shouting "socialism!" So we're left with the mandate. If it's struck down, it will not be some great victory for the free market. It will be "back to the drawing board."

Because, after all, getting something (healthcare) without paying for it (the uninsured) does not a market make.

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