Sunday, May 15, 2011

Werner Herzog Fucked Up My Day

So I'm joking in the headline, but true story...

Werner Herzog's new documentary is playing in 3D at various theaters. It is the only film in recent memory that has requested that we play no preshow loop at all, possibly at Werner's request. (I'm not sure all theater chains are acquiescing...)

Projectionists across the country found this confusing. They're trained like Pavlovian monkeys to start the film during the last frame of the preshow, and if they don't see it, something's broken.

So they call me...

No, no, I say, that's by design. Werner Herzog, though he is putting a 3D film out in commercial release, doesn't want to commercialize his film, or something.

"I'm trying to record thousands of years of artistic expression," I can see him saying, "not trying to sell Coca-cola and potato chips."

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