Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tube Warp

I found this video browsing on the Jackass website and got stuck in a Tubewarp*.

I mean, I gotta hand it to this dude. His little op-ed almost put me to sleep.

Hey, I don't mind if he's a tranny. (Although he did confuse me for a second, a subject he addresses in another video.) What annoyed me was the delivery and the word choice. Too NPR. Too many adjectives and adverbs. "Abrasive stupidity in the form of a pervasive scientific illiteracy." Okay, so it kinda rhymes, but who's writing this stuff? George Lucas?

Here's where the Tubewarp came in. Hit it madroix:

By then I had enough, and watched these Russian girls working out.

* It's a term I just made up for watching non-linear loops of Youtube videos. Help me make it viral.

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