Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Private Genocide

As the squirrel campaign continues, I find myself becoming increasing hostile to every squirrel invading my territory.

They're digging up my strawberries, emptying my pots, leaving corn cobs in my yard, trying to drink from my drips. It's getting out of hand.

After I trapped Jimmy here, two of his buddies came down to rescue him. They took off running when they saw me, but they'll be back.
This is the 6th squirrel I've caught and while I'm reasonably sure none of them have found their way back --17 miles and 2 big highways...yeah, they ain't coming back-- I think what I've done is create a new territory for other squirrels from other blocks to invade and call their own.

As I deplete one tribe of squirrels, another conquers. So I must be stout in my resolve. Not only will I have to depopulate my yard of squirrels, I'll have to go after my neighbor's and their neighbor's and the ones who live in the tree down the street, perhaps for generations.

Until they are all gone.

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