Monday, May 02, 2011

I'm in Yur White House, Killing Yur Terroriss

I dedicate this picture to my Aunt Terri.


uncle jim said...

How insulting this post is to me.

James said...

Ah, so sensitive. Good thing the president isn't such a delicate flower. He would have wilted a long time ago.

uncle jim said...

Too bad you don't get it. In an effort to be funny you have insulted me. Sensitive? No. Pissed off yeah. Why dont you give me a call James and I will explain it to you. In the mean time you should remove this picture please.

James said...

Remove this picture? Fuck that. What do you think this is, Moscow in 1989?

The picture stays. If it offends you, sorry. You might want to think about why it offends you and see if those reasons hold up to scrutiny.

I'll call you tomorrow so we can discuss.