Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I'm Sick of Politics

I don't support violence against women, but if someone wanted to punch this lady in the face, I wouldn't be too upset. Witness:
I never doubted that the president was born in Hawaii, and I fervently supported his election in 2008. But instead of releasing a complete birth certificate, to which he clearly had access, the White House pursued the same media strategy of the Clinton years: stonewalling on controversial issues by blaming questioners, leaving the country bitter and embroiled and wasting precious energy to do the nation's business. It is the president who squandered the nation's time, not so-called "birthers."
Oh fuck off, lady.

You know who I blame for the birther problem? Birthers.

Hell, my Uncle Jim called me today joking about how the one just released is a forgery. (Clue #1 we're not dealing with people genuinely curious about the president's birthplace.) So yeah, Obama should have released the long form birth certificate long ago.

That way we could focus on the important destroying Medicare and putting Donald Trump in the White House.

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