Sunday, April 03, 2011

That Won't Work....

As gas prices increase, RTD is wondering why they're not seeing an increase in ridership. They're kind of smart in the sense that they know that the recent fare increase might have something to do with it. (A round-trip fare will cost you $4.50.)

However, I love their plan to increase ridership. Advertising:
To promote more transit use, RTD in coming weeks will be putting ads on buses, wrapping a light-rail car with a promotional message, erecting banners at stations and other locations, and running direct mail and newspaper advertisements, Reed said.
As if people don't ride because they don't know.

No, people know. They don't ride because this town has completely outgrown it's public transportation system and we're too fucking cheap to improve it.

I don't care how many advertisements you put on your buses, it won't change the fact that your service sucks.

Light rail? Great if you want to travel along the I-25 corridor and don't intend on going north (or east or west) of downtown.

A cross-town bus? Homeless people ride those to get a good night's sleep. Commuters drive.

Feel like you have too much personal time and want to waste three hours of it on your daily commute? Ride RTD.

You can not advertise yourself of these problems. Sorry.

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