Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

David Frum is sneaky. He writes a post called "A Great Week for the GOP" and I clicked over, expecting to hear a bunch of triumphalism over the budget deal. But alas, the reason Frum thinks it was a great week for the GOP is that it was a bad week for the lunatics that have such prominence in that party.

The nutters didn't get their shutdown, which Frum calls "a huge victory for governance Republicanism over talk radio conservatism."

Anybody wanna hear the second reason? The second reason is the cancellation of Glenn Beck's TV show, which Frum calls "a heartening repudiation of John Birch society conspiracy-mongering by rank-and-file conservatives." Although, let's be real...All those people who got advertisers to abandon Beck's show? They weren't "rank-and-file conservatives." What did the rank-and-file conservatives do? They made that fucker rich...and then regretted it.

I'm not heartened by this. Rank-and-file conservatives often elevate clowns to prominent places in their political machine. It's nice they feel bad about it, but I just wish they would stop doing that.

Which brings us to Frum's third point, which is too good not to quote at length:
Donald Trump shouldered aside Newt Gingrich in Republican primary preferences. This may not sound like good news but bear with me: It used to be that the person offering the Obama-is-African-not-American message to the Republican primary electorate was a former speaker of the House, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and a Fox News contributor: in other words, an eminent and respectable personage. Now Trump has stolen the Gingrich spotlight, knocked Gingrich out of the top 3. With the result that the bearer of the Obama-not-American message is a clownish TV personality in an absurd hairdo.
This Frum describes as "progress," but it's not much. Instead of just having Dumb, we now have Dumb...and Dumber.

A great week for the GOP indeed.

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