Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Job

There have been a few times over the last few weeks that I have wanted to do something completely quit my job.

If I wasn't the sole bread-winner in the household, I probably would have. Bottom line is this: The job provides for my material well-being, but at the same time, it's killing me.

When I think about the things that make me unhappy --and there are a lot of them, admittedly-- the most significant and daily ones are associated with the job.

Commuting. I don't want to do it anymore. Ideally, I would like to be in walking distance of my job. I'd be replacing a stressful and aggravating near-two hours on the road with a nice relaxing, stress-releasing walk. To some people that would be a nightmare. To me, that sounds like heaven.

Shift work. I don't want to do it anymore. I've been changing my schedule every three months or so for three and a half years now. There are people I've lost touch with completely in that time, others I haven't seen or talked to in months. I have yet to see a relationship survive a schedule change and I'm losing hope that I'll ever have a "normal life" where I can enjoy common things like holidays and sleeping at night.

On Thursday I was casually looking at jobs online and found one that meets this criteria. Thursday night my attitude was "Well, that's nice," but there was little urgency or interest. But the idea percolated all day Friday and today, I think I'm at the point where I want to make this dream come true.

Being asked to work a 12 hour day tomorrow helped...

I said, sure, okay, whatever you need. But I wanted to say, "What the fuck, man? Hire more people."


katrocket said...

I hear ya James, and I hope you can take the plunge and find a new job that brings some happy to your life.

On a related note, last month I finally quit a job that was consuming every aspect of my life. I jumped off, not knowing where I would land, and it was the scariest thing I've ever done, but certainly took care of that "urgency or interest" factor. Unemployment is a major motivator.

Now I'm working in a garden centre for the summer! I love it! It's awesome helping home gardeners create something beautiful, and a very nice change from sitting in front of a computer all day, dealing with assholes on the phone.

Wishing you great things in your new career search!...


Anonymous said...

Cultivate MMJ in your back yard.
Advantages: Money, walking distance commute, tax savings! I'll be your silent partner.

James said...


Sounds like a dream job, but it would be better of course if you owned the garden center. If I had the dough, I'd probably open one up. But alas, I was born working class and working class I will remain. This is America, after all.

I've got at least two leads that I'm going to follow up on this week. I'm as apprehensive as I am excited. I know exactly what you mean by jumping off a cliff. Last time I was in this position, I was pushed off the cliff. That was relatively easy. I just had to sit back and enjoy the ride.


I've considered doing that...but I'm gonna do it right. Indoors.

KickinAssTakingNames said...

I've been there, James. I feel for you. Just remember that the fear we have in anticipation of making moves like this is nearly always much worse that what it ends up to be. Not to mention it sounds like your work situation could only get better, so really the odds are in your favor. Good luck.