Monday, April 04, 2011

A Few Things

1) Sour Kush - Don't buy it. Yeah, it sounds good and looks even better, but it's a coma in bud form, man. A coma.

2) You know something's amiss when burning books becomes the ultimate expression of free speech. Burning a symbolically erase the ideas contained in that book...this is the epitome of free speech. In some weird way, I suppose it is, especially now when you can't suppress a book by just burning it. It's still dumb and I'm not going to clap for the widdle baby using his first amendment rights for the first time. "Ooh, wookie him 'spress himself."

Grow up, motherfucker. Write a book or something instead. Add something useful to the conversation.

3) My boy Dean Winters recorded a "local" version of his "Mayhem like me" shtick, saying "I'm a rock, sitting over I-70..." And it made me wonder, you could use that for Colorado, of course, maybe Utah. It'd sound a bit weird in Kansas, but what's he saying down in Florida? "I'm a gator in your swimming pool?"

4) When you wear shirts with snaps a couple days in a row and then switch to one with buttons, there is a small adjustment period. If you're into wearing shirts, this should be noted.

5) I was watching Apocalypse Now the other day and there was a part that I had almost forgotten. Lance is bugging out on acid at the Do Long bridge, walking through a trench. A voice cries out, "Hey, man, you just stepped on my face." Lance says, "I thought you were dead." And the guy says, "Well, you thought wrong, motherfucker." Such a great film moment.

6) And yes, I neglected my big April Fool's Day joke this year. Nice of you to notice. I had a good one ready, too. Sour Kush, man, Sour Kush.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Have you ever had a shirt with buttons on the opposite side? That will fuck you up too.

James said...

Only once, when I mistakenly bought a woman's shirt at the thrift store. The shoulder pads should have tipped me off....