Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I went up to Boulder for some reason today...can't really remember.

This was the quad around 4:19 PM.
This was the quad around 4:21 PM.
A haze blew in or something, I think. I wish I could say, but that's when things started getting fuzzy.


SeanH said...

Don't forget: 4/21/11 is National Surprise Drug Test Day.

KickinAssTakingNames said...

Ha! SeanH's comment is making me laugh.

Glad to know you had a good time in Boulder. That smoke haze is insanity. Reminds me of every concert I went to in the 80's. And the Cypress Hill show I saw in this past Fall.

James said...

Good point, Sean. I picked a bad week to start looking for another job.

KATN, I still cannot believe the cloud gets that big...but it does! Saw it with my own bloodshot eyes.