Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Few Things

You might have noticed a paucity of blogging here lately. What can I say? I've been busy, man.

So here's a few things:

1) It's far from certain how this will shake out long-term, but the Nuggets have been playing better post-Melo than they did when he was on the squad. Seems they're passing the ball more, making it a team effort. Will this turn into an impressive showing in the play-offs? I hope so!

2) I'm keen on seeing Sucker Punch but I have concerns. I have a strong feeling it's one of those "it's all in their heads" movies and that makes me less interested in seeing it. Now if we're talking about a movie set in a world with zeppelins, robot samurai, dragons and all the other stuff, yeah, sign me up. But if it's all a fantasy or a dream...yeah, it kind of takes the sheen off. After all, I have both Inception and The Matrix in my DVD collection already. Not really interested in seeing yet another "the events in this film are not really happening" movie.

3) Speaking of films, I watched one last night that blew me away. It was an Indian film called The Robot. It got a little blog-buzz when a clip showing some of its more absurd action sequences made it to Youtube, but I borrowed it from a guy at work who's wife had to special-order it from England.

Check out the trailer.

I'd say I'm more familiar with Asian cinema than most Americans, but I'm more familiar with the Eastern part. Hong Kong produces stuff as slick as anything you see in Hollywood and a lot of times, it's better. China does good with the big epics, even if they can't resist inserting some subtle party values stuff. South Korea has the most interesting films, I think, but the stuff coming out of Thailand isn't boring either. I've grown wary of Japanese movies, though. The ones that aren't completely bizarre and twisted are only mildly bizarre and twisted.

But the Indians...I have ignored completely. This is a situation I must remedy immediately.

* Computer generated kung fu.

4) The demise of Dorchester Publishing has left a lot of the authors pissed off and organizing a boycott. And I get it. I'm not familiar with the behind the scenes goings on, but apparently they're not getting paid and Dorchester is publishing e-book versions without their consent. The company is going under, no question about it, and it sucks for the authors, no question about that either, but after reading their blogs, I wonder if these guys are just delusional.

You see, I have a couple of their books. I don't want to say they're crap, but they're crap. Boring, puerile, bad writing, stupid plots, lame characters, it's crap! One guy was saying his book didn't do very well because the cover sucked and the company didn't promote it well enough.

C'mon, dude. You write a good book, people will want to read more. Even if the cover sucked. The truth is, the book sucked. (I blogged about it here.) Even if you had a better cover, you'd just be suckering people to buy a bad book and then later when they saw your name on the cover they'd say, "Fool me once..."

And promote it? How are you going to promote a crappy werewolf book? Buy this book if you want clunky sentences and a dumb story. I don't think that'll work.

One of these authors' books has a great cover and the copy on the back made me want to read it instantly, but then I cracked it open and it was 50 pages of backstory and exposition. What a snooze fest.

These guys may have a legitimate gripe about their publishing contracts, but it's kind of amazing that they even got them in the first place.

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katrocket said...

You should take a pass on Sucker Punch. It sucked so bad it made me wanna punch people.