Friday, February 11, 2011

Well That Explains It

Last night, there was a small army of emergency vehicles at the end of my block. All I could see were the flashing blue and red lights, so I couldn't tell if it was a fire truck, an ambulance, cops, or all of the above.

It was probably all of the above.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

I realize the cops knew this guy was armed, but it still sounds strange to me that, just because the guy walked towards them, they fired shots. Doesn't sound like he did anything to warrant that, seeing as he likely didn't even know they were cops. Can't a drug dealer just walk down the street anymore? Sheesh.

Now that I sorta know where you live (mwah ha ha), next time I am in your neck of the woods I shall seek out that intersection and shout your name until you come out and greet me.

uncle jim said...

My source tells me they ID'd their selfs, showed the badges, and told him 4 times to drop the weapon. Which was by the way being pointed at the officers.

So yeah you do that, you die from lead poison.

James said...

KATN, I would be impressed if you stood at that intersection and yelled my name. A lot of people are afraid of my neighborhood.

I call them pussies.


I have no doubt your source told you that and I have no doubt that's not what really happened. The Aurora Police Department, despite what your insider says, is not perfect.

And if these cops had enough time to ID themselves, show their badges, issue 4 commands, draw their own weapons, and fire....they had enough time to figure out how to handle this guy without shooting him.

The "lead poison" method is lazy, cowardly, and unprofessional.

Which is par for the course for the APD.

uncle jim said...

Perfect? That is your word not mine or my friends.

Lead poison is mine. Point your gun at a cop or ANYONE for that matter who also has a gun. You better shoot or be ready to die.

Yep 5 seconds and a guy coming straight at you with a gun pointed at you does not give you the luxury to figure out how not to kill the poor man. Just offer him some love, offer him a hug. Tell him it's okay we just want to help.

Fuck that! Dumb ass they told you to drop the gun and you kept moving closer with a finger on the trigger.

Nope, you're dead.

uncle jim said...

I took the time to give you some addition info on the story and that is how you treat me? I forgot why I had not posted on your blog in a long time.

Thanks for reminding me.

James said...

Awww, Jimmy, do you need to fill out another hurt feelings report?

If you took the time to look up some additional information you'd know the following:

This cop didn't ID himself as a cop, didn't flash his badge, didn't offer 4 warnings to the suspect.

The cop was undercover, in plainclothes, following this dude around. And he's sooooooo good at it, that's he made.

The suspect realizes that he's being stalked by some creepy motherfucker parked outside his mom's house. He doesn't know it's a cop. All he knows is some creepy motherfucker is following him. So he goes outside to see what's up. And he's armed.

So what? He has a constitutional right to be armed, does he not?

So this guy starts "walking with purpose" towards the creepy stalker he doesn't know is a cop, and what does the cop do?

The cop panics! "I've been made, I've been made. He has a gun!" And then BAM BAM BAM, he shoots the guy through the windshield.

And hey, on one level, I understand. You're a shitty cop working for a shitty department in a shitty part of town. You know it's perfectly okay to shoot first and ask questions later because not only will your fellow cops support you, but all their friends will too.

They'll make up stories about how it was a text-book shooting, about how they showed their badges and gave him four warnings and had no choice but to kill this guy. They'll justify it and when someone says, "Hey wait a minute," they'll say, "What, you wanted me to hug the guy?"

No, you prick. Arrest him. Charge him with a crime. Put him on trial. Convict him. Throw him in jail. Lose the key.

And you know, Jim....I love you, man. I have loads of respect for you. But I wish you had some respect for me and my intelligence.

What you described literally didn't happen. So why should I believe it? Why do you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting story, kind of.
My first thought about this story was "what a freakin idiot".

The drug dealer is better off dead than running around Aurora with guns. Good riddance.

This is from someone who has close to ZERO trust for the largest PDs in the Metro area (Aurora and Denver cops are corrupt as hell). Both departments are notorious for covering up police misconduct, abuses of power, police brutality, officer-involved shootings,etc.
Some things these guys do make me sick. All while hiding behind a badge and holding a gun (not to mention tazers, pepper spray, batons, nunchucks and anything else they can beat your ass with).

This case didn't strike me as anything to be suspicious about AT ALL. I'm definately not going to blindly accept the cops side of the story as the "truth". Never trust the cops. Ever.

However, this drug dealer is so stupid as to approach ANYONE while armed with 2 guns (1 planted? 1 of his own?). Joe citizen with a CCW permit would have all the justification in the world to blow his ass to hell, much less a cowardly cop in a jeans and a t-shirt.
Doesn't this guy watch the news? Cops aren't here to help you. They want to lock your dumb ass up for a long long time or just shoot you down in the street. It's COMMON KNOWLEDGE! Don't even think about messing with the cops around here. They will BLOW YOUR ASS AWAY, take a little paid vacation, get a haircut and be right back on the street before your Mama stops crying.
I keep thinking about this idiot and try to put myself in his shoes. I'm a hardcore drug dealer in Aurora, I walk with a limp and my pants be hangin low. I'm the baddest ass nigga on this block fo sho. Wait a minute. Is that a white boy sitting on the corna? Lookin' at me? Shoooo. Not in my 'hood, foo. Yo, get me the fucking heata, I gots to go regulate this foo. "Yo, you followin' me, foo?" Clack Clack Clack. Nighty night drug dealer.

The world is a better place today.

I'm no wordsmith, but I know that this freaking idiot did us all a service by getting himself killed by the APD.