Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gaiman on Piracy

Watching this interview with Neil Gaiman only further entrenched my view that the move towards ebooks and away from paper books is going to kill the publishing industry.

Gaiman notices that releasing free electronic versions of his books leads to more sales of actual printed copies of his books. This phenomenon, of course, wouldn't happen if there are no actual printed copies of the book.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

I agree w/you about killing the publishing industry.

I tend to be old school on a lot of things such as this. I get a lot of flack for still getting the newspaper delivered, especially since I already read a ton of news online off an on all day. I do not, and would not ever read ebooks. For me, there is something about holding a tangible newspaper, book, magazine, etc. It's part of the experience. When I was in grad school, I couldn't just edit papers on the computer - I had to print them out, make changes all over it with a pen, and then change it in Word (my editing was much better this way too - I tested the theory many times). I admit I will download music online, but I'd say 60% of the time I still go buy the actual CD. I guess I'm just kinesthetic like that. Or resistant to change.

Dale said...

I was surprised that e-books actually started me reading more again. I do still like holding, smelling, experiencing a real book and going through a dusty old bookstore of which there are few left and don't plan to exclusively only read real books. Neil's comments were very interesting though!

James said...

I'm all for ebooks as another publishing venue. It's exciting. It's new.

I saw one on the train and wanted one. Scalable text? A revolution!

But I'm not buying some proprietary reader or paying "book" prices for a goddamn digital file. And if that's what the ebook industry wants me to do....fuggetaboutit.

I am, however, willing to pay a small price for the ebook (which I should be able to read on ANYTHING I WANT) and still pay "book" prices for an actual printed copy of the book.

My house is so old, that's how I insulate my walls.