Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cutting Spending for Cutting Spending's Sake

This is why Matt Yglesias has an award named for him.
Any year is a great year in which to cut low-hanging fruit. By why cut the non-low hanging portion of the budget? There could be good reasons. Maybe we need to sacrifice in order to build more tanks to beat the Nazis. But that’s not happening. Or maybe high interest rates are crowding out private sector investment. But that’s not happening. Or maybe monetary actions necessary to keep interest rates low are leading to ruinous inflation. But that’s not happening either. So why make program cuts that have real negative impact in every district across the country? Shooting ourselves in the foot in 2011 doesn’t make it easier to afford Medicare in 2020, it means we’ll have more injured feet.
I'm all for cutting spending. I think it's necessary.

I just don't think we need to ask Republicans for their views about it. These same fools spent years telling me that the best way to waste my money was by building schools in Iraq and bringing jobs to Afghanistan. Now they're telling me that a food aid program for pregnant women and babies is too much???

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