Monday, January 24, 2011

The Playoffs

I knew Jay Cutler had a tendency to quit on a team, but I didn't think he'd do it during a game, and certainly not during the NFC Championship.

I was pulling for the Packers anyway. Aaron Rodgers seems poised to chisel his name in the book of football greatness, but he better do it before he gets concussed into retirement. He's a great quarterback, good arm, good pocket presence, sharp eye, strong mind.

But he is a bit of a bean pole, isn't he?

On the AFC side of the house, I'm ambivalent. I was pulling for the Jets, but I actually like the Steelers better. It's just that they don't have to go to the Super Bowl all the time.

Because you know if they go, they're going to win.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

Rodgers is awesome. Skinny? Hmm. He looks average to me. Such a weird game yesterday, but a great one. I didn't really care who won, but was sorta rooting for the Bears for something different. I've been GD sick and tired of the Steelers since the 70's when I was a mere child and they were in about every Superbowl then, too. So, for me it's Packers all the way at this point.

James said...

Well, maybe not skinny. But he does seem incredibly vulnerable when a defense breaks his protection schemes.

I'm rooting for the Packers too, but if the Steelers "steal" it, oh well. Good news for my boy Troy Polamalu.