Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Craig Silverman

Yesterday I called Craig Silverman a Republican stooge.

I think that might have been a bit unfair. The dude's just a Republican.

Also, I think this stupid statement really deserves to be called out:
Tom Tancredo never really wanted to be Governor, and that might be his greatest asset.
If the man's greatest asset is that he doesn't want the job, why should we give it to him???


Anonymous said...

Once again, making assumptions. Talk about something you ACTUALLY know about. Stick to gardening and heavy metal, Dude.

James said...

I know phonies when I see em. And Craig Silverman is a phoney.

Anonymous said...

Silverman ran as a Democrat against Bill Ritter, yes that Bill Ritter. He has been a Dem his entire life until LAST YEAR changing his affiliation to Independent. He voted for Obama but has been deeply disappointed. I dont need to defend him, his entire body of work speaks for itself. One characteristic of him that I really appreciate is his open-mindedness. Something we could all learn from.

James said...

An open mind? He's a politically confused man who makes bad arguments.

Remember, Tom Tancredo's greatest asset is how much he doesn't want to be governor.

An important issue in Colorado is Nathan Dunlap sitting on death row.

He's disappointed in Obama? What, he really thought he'd be a socialist?

James said...

You know, another thing:

Since Craig Silverman is by his own admission a Republican-voting independent, do you think he'll stop trying to represent us "real" liberals? Nah...

Caplis will still give the hard-right conservative view, and Silverman will give....the soft-right "independent" view. Call it "balance" and hope your audience is too stupid to notice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know a lot of former prosecutors/current private attorneys/talk show host that have "bad arguments". We should all listen to bloggers whose arguing experience is limited to blog post comments.

James said...

I'm not saying I'm smarter, better looking, or more successful than Craig Silverman. I'm not saying who you should listen to.

I'm just saying that Craig Silverman is not a liberal. This shouldn't be shocking or offensive.