Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Land of Liberty

Oh, this pisses me off. Seriously...why the fuck are you frisking a three-year old?
If you're wondering why America is fucked, look no further than this.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Australians Are Lucky

From Blabbermouth:
Three-quarters of KYUSS — the influential American stoner rock/metal band, originally from Palm Desert, California — will embark on Australian tour next May under the moniker KYUSS LIVES!
The missing member? Josh Homme, he of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures.

And that's alright with me. In the "Who's the MVP of Kyuss" debate, I fall firmly in the John Garcia category. I've enjoyed his post-Kyuss music much more than I've enjoyed Homme's and that may be due to approach.

While Garcia seems to have wanted to capture the "Kyuss sound" with his subsequent bands, Homme seems to have run away from it completely. He traded in the reverberating riffage for a muddy, decidedly non-metal guitar sound. Strong vocals? Who needs em when you have a thin, high voice that warbles between weird and mildly annoying? (Admit it: Josh Homme isn't a very good singer.)

Example: This sounds like Kyuss.

This does not:

And, please understand, I'm not saying Queens of the Stone Age are rubbish. They're not bad.

They're just not Kyuss. And I like Kyuss, man.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eating Pork

Swine-eaters of America should contemplate the mental torture pigs experience before ordering a ham-and-cheese sandwich.
-Jeffrey Goldberg

I'm not sure I agree with that sentiment. Contemplate the mental torture thing, sure, but some other time. When you're eating a ham sandwich, contemplate how good it will taste. I mean, sure if we're going for effect, if we wanted to prove a point, contemplate it with ham in hand. But then again, while we're slaughtering the pig, think about how good that sandwich will taste, about the bacon and pork chops and pulled pork shoulder you'll be mawing on. Guess who wins that argument?

But what about dogs? I've never eaten a dog, and I don't think I really want to, but whether you should eat dogs or not depends on how they taste. I don't have some moral stand on it. Personally, I'm not really adventurous with my meats so the choice is easy. I'll pass. But if you want to order the dog dish, go for it.

Jeffrey Goldberg has a different idea:
Dogs should not be eaten because of their unique qualities and their unique relationship with humans, but pigs should not be eaten because they are noble and intelligent creatures.
And those aren't bad reasons, per se. Every animal, not just dogs, has unique qualities, many of them not as endearing as a dog's, and all the animals we eat, pigs included, have what could be called "a unique relationship with humans." We take care of them, they take care of us. It's part of the deal.

As to "noble and intelligent" creatures, I don't know. Some of that is anthropomorphizing, and some of that is wildly overblown. Let's face it: The smartest pig is still dumb. Noble? Farm pigs are cute, I'll grant, but you want to see a verminous creature, the very antithesis of nobility, observe a wild pig. I'm not saying I have. I'm just saying go do that and see if "noble" is the word that pops into your head.

Paid My Dues

Your welcome, Colorado.


A taxpayer.

(PS. The crazy thing about the linked article is the breakdown of other fees. Only $1,284,718 in liquor licenses? That's it??? It's a lot of money, no doubt, but with all the bars and liquor stores in this state, you'd think they'd be able to raise a little more than that.)

A Few Things

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was also my 34th birthday and a Tuesday. Here are some other things that happened:

A) While I was driving through the parking lot at the ecoWal-Mart on Tower Road, a black cat darted out of the cars on my left and skittered across my path to the cars on my right. When you think about it, it seems mathematically impossible. What are the chances that a parking lot will contain a cat? What are the chances that the cat will be black? What are the chances that the parking lot containing the black cat also contains a 34 year old in a truck? What are the chances that the cat and the truck will be on a path of convergence? What are the chances that they converge at just the right moment to become auspicious?

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

B) The first snow of the season fell. Usually, by October, Colorado has already dug itself out of its first big storm. It comes in quickly, dumps a few feet, breaks a ton of branches, rips a few power lines, kills everyone's gardens. This year, it's been dry and unseasonably warm. But yesterday, just about the time I'd be getting ready to go to work, the clouds rolled in, the sky darkened, and it started raining, not snowing yet, just wet, half-frozen sleet. This morning there was a fine coating of snow on the ground, but it's nothing like our usual first-snow blizzard. (Although, I'm sure that's coming soon.)

C) A skunk was rooting around in my backyard last night. A skunk! I have a few alley-cats that hang out in my yard now that I don't have dogs, and then there is the squirrel menace, but this is the first time I have ever in my life seen a wild skunk. I scared it off by throwing things at it, and though it raised its tail at me, it didn't bother spraying me. But it did make me reconsider my plan to use traps against the squirrels.

Now I'm not so sure I'll just be trapping squirrels. After all, a squirrel in a trap can only hiss at you. But a skunk in a trap...that's another story.

Monday, November 08, 2010

House of Broken Promises

This month's eMusic find is House of Broken Promises. This is what I know about the band: The drummer and guitarist used to be in Unida, one of John Garcia's post-Kyuss bands, and this video was filmed by Rick Kosick of Jackass fame.