Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Leave The Lights On

So I have these ideas for writing projects, and one of them involves the construction of a totally green off-the-grid house down in the Four Corners region. So I've been researching stuff like "Build Your Own Underground Home" or "Home Made Power Plant" to get some juicy details to include.

In the article called "Home Made Power Plant," it includes this bit of wisdom:
There is no point going to all the effort of making a wind or solar generator if you are going to leave lights and power points on when the appliances are not being used etc.
But hold the phone.

That's the whole point. If you're creating off-the-grid electricity using wind and solar power, who cares if you leave your lights on?

You're not burning coal and releasing carbons into the atmosphere. You're not taxing the grid and "wasting" energy that could be better used elsewhere. You're not supporting some far-off dictator with an oil derrick up his ass.

You're generating your own energy from a free and abundant resource. Hell, leave the lights on all night.

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