Friday, July 03, 2009

The Bombshell from Alaska

Though I was making over fifty bucks an hour today, I didn't want to work. But I showed up anyway, and was slow. There just wasn't much going on.

On TV, there was a Deadliest Catch marathon on one channel and a Star Wars marathon on another. We watched a little bit of both.

And then we turned it to the news. For what is actually kind of shocking.

Sarah Palin is not running for re-election and she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

The words of Obi-Wan Kenobi came to mind: "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were silenced."

I also imagine the Republicans are saying, "Help me, Mitt Romney, you're our only hope."

Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Cop Hate

When I read this story, I found it all too plausible. Mostly because I suffered a retaliatory towing at the hands of the Aurora PD last year.

Doing a little digging, I learned that Derek Cole's office is in my neighborhood, which means he's served by the same police district. I think I'm going to have to give him a call and see if Officer Dickhead or Sergeant Asshole was involved.

At first I thought it might be some rogue cops being jerks on a slow day. Now I'm starting to wonder if this towing gambit is one of the Aurora PD's favorite tricks.


Derek Cole left a comment on the Post's site regarding this issue. I'm going to post the whole thing, copyright issues be damned. It's a bit lawyerly but I reprint it for the bolded section below, and it provides more context:
Great article, but this was FAR from (simply) " officer checked the plates on Cole's car during the normal course of business." (excerpt from Brandon Johansson article, Aurora Sentinel, dated "June 25, 2009").

In fact, I was informed (on Wednesday evening), by another tenant from my building (a man who witnessed my car being towed and even knocked on my office door about it, but I was out handling a felony case at Arapahoe District Court at the time my car was being towed) that four (4) uniformed police officers showed up (at my office building) to tow away my (completely legal) vehicle; two (2) on motorcycles (and we NEVER see motorcycle officers in that area) and two (2) in squad cars, ALL at the PRECISE time I was on the phone with Chief Oates (about the (still) "suspicious" shooting of Darius Murray (over Mother's Day weekend 2009), and AFTER Chief Oates DEMANDED that I give him my office address (before he would even speak with me any further about the (questionable) shooting of Darius Murray).

Q1: If Aurora PD WAS not up to "something" WRONG (on Monday, June 22, 2009), then why were four (4) officers dispatched to "the scene" to handle one (1) (completely) legal vehicle -- Mine (coincidentally)?

Q2: Why was my vehicle even towed (at all) if, as has been Aurora PD's "lie" about this (entire) matter, my plates were (simply) "expired" -- which they, in fact, WERE NOT -- and (simply) issued a citation under the wiper? In fact, witnesses have since informed me that Aurora PD had placed a "ticket" on the windshield, but had my vehicle towed anyway? (Sounds like an "abuse" of "discretion" (to me), as well as (I believe) "retaliation" for my (fearlessly) speaking out against Aurora PD's "lies" about (exactly) how Mr. Darius Murray wound up being shot through the TOP of the head (top down through the CROWN of his head, not through the forehead) by two officers from Aurora PD (who, initially, "lied" about how Mr. Murray sustained such a gunshot wound (to the TOP of his head), and later changed their story by (finally) admitting that it was they who shot him in such an "unusual"and (physically) "impossible" manner (to be a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound to his head.))

Q3: Why, if Aurora PD was not out to "intimidate" me (for speaking out about the Darius Murray) matter or, worse yet, have me arrested (and (possibly) "beaten down" (like Rodney King), was I not (simply) given a warning on my office door? (After all, my vehicle IS registered to my office (where it was parked when it was "stolen" (my opinion) by Aurora PD)).

Q4: If Aurora PD IS not up to something "nefarious," then why won't they (simply) agree to "clear" my car (with a drug detection dog and me present to witness everything) before I take back possession of MY property? (Under the (present) set of circumstances, it seems (entirely) "reasonable" to me and, certainly, will be (infinitely) cheaper (for the City of Aurora) than a lawsuit.)

Q5: If the City of Aurora and Aurora PD ARE NOT up to something "nefarious," then why won't they (simply) bring my vehicle back to the (exact) location from where it was "stolen" (my opinion) by Aurora PD on Monday, June 22, 2009? (Again, under the (present) set of circumstances, it seems (entirely) "reasonable" to me and, certainly, will be (infinitely) cheaper (for the City of Aurora) than a lawsuit.)

Q6: In light of these facts, why do the City of Aurora and Aurora PD insist on making matters worse by (continuing) to "stonewall" the "truth," as well as continuing to (wrongfully and unlawfully) hold my "private property" over my (valid and lawful) objection(s)?

Q7: Since it was the City of Aurora's mistake, why should I be inconvenienced (by having to go retrieve my vehicle), where it would be FAR simpler for them to (simply) do one (1) of the following:

a. If they want me to go and get my vehicle, agree to "clear" my car (with a drug detection dog and me present to witness everything) before I take back possession of MY property.; or

b. Bring my vehicle back (to the (exact) location from where it was "stolen" (my opinion) by Aurora PD on Monday, June 22, 2009).

As a former Navy prosecutor, as well as a former Deputy District Attorney (JEFFCO), I know this behavior (by the City of Aurora and the Aurora PD) to be "business as usual." Unfortunately, for those in our world who DO NOT understand such an "absurd" mentality, the following is how things are (many times) done in government:

a. First, mMake a "grievous" mistake, either "factually" or "legally";

b. Second, when caught (for your "indiscretion"), then "lie" about it;

c. Third, when both your (original) "indiscretion" and your (initial) "lies" are challenged, either (1) commit more "crimes" (in order to "cover up" your (original) "indiscretion"), or (2) tell more "lies" (in the hope that the (uninformed) "masses" will (finally) "buy" your "lies";

d. Fourth, if none of the above work, "feign" ignorance and/or (falsely) claim an "innocent mistake" was made;

e. Fifth, if none of the foregoing measures work, then (falsely) "blame" and "demonize" the (innocent) "victim" (of your (original) "misconduct"); and

f. Finally, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, (even) attempt to "resolve" things by attempting to "fix" the problem(s) by doing the most "reasonable" and "prudent" thing(s) possible, to wit:

1. "Roger up" (for your mistakes); and

2. Fix your "mistakes" (by making everything right).

Folks, this (entire) matter gives rise to the (military) acronym: "S.N.A.F.U.."

And YES, I am the same attorney handling the (still) "suspicious" actions of Aurora PD following the (still) "questionable" (through the TOP of the head) shooting of Mr. Darius Murray (over Mother's Day weekend 2009).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Of Bikes and Men

I was thinking about this article yesterday as I blasted through a stop sign and hopped the curb onto the sidewalk.
In 2008, Denver police handed out 248 tickets to cyclists riding on sidewalks, he notes, up from 57 in 2007 — and who knows what that number could look like this year?
To keep up appearances, the cops are going to hand out little warning cards, which like most efforts of governmental control, is done in the name of safety:
On one side is the image of a bike and the words "Ride Safe." On the other are rules, among them drive your bike like you drive your car; obey stop signs, traffic signs and stoplights; ride your bike on the street, sidewalks are reserved for pedestrians; and always ride with traffic.
Excuse me? Drive your bike like you drive your car?

This should not need to be said, but I'm going to say it anyway: A bike is not a car.

What are they going to do if I ride on the sidewalk? Write me a ticket? I won't pay. Are they going to take my bicycle license? No such thing!

Every day I pedal past a cop in my neighborhood --my neighborhood is swarmed with cops-- and I dare them with my eyes to say something. I'm riding on the sidewalk. Write me a ticket I won't pay, take my bicycle license I don't even have. I don't care. Go ahead. Make my day.

Until then, I'll ride how I want to ride, even on the sidewalks if I feel like it. Because to someone on a bicycle, cars are not just another vehicle on the road. They're rolling multi-ton death machines of steel and glass. Just ask this girl.

Well, ask her grieving parents.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


That's it. I'm changing my voice mail message. It's going to say:

"Hey, what's up, it's James. Sorry I missed your call...but if you really want to get a hold of me, send me a fucking e-mail for Christ's sake."

If I'm at home, I'm probably not even near my cell phone. If I'm at work, I'm probably already on the phone.

You know why I never call you? It's not because I don't like you (although depending on who the "you" is, that might be true), it's because I don't like phones.

So do me a favor...send me an e-mail, huh?

Breaking the Law

So apparently, it will now be legal for people to collect rainwater in Colorado. It's not mentioned in this article, but I believe it only affects people who do no not have a municipal water hook-up. Since I, the ghetto gardener, have a municipal water hook-up, I don't think I'm eligible.

Which is fine with me because I didn't know this:
The law establishes a pilot program that people will have to apply for. The program's size hasn't been determined.
There's an application?

Okay, tell ya what? How about you keep your application and I'll keep my rain barrel?

Overheard on CNN

Al Sharpton talking about Michael Jackson at a public memorial at the Apollo Theater:
"He wasn't no freak. He was a genius."
Um...I'll agree with the genius part, Al, but...

I'm going to laugh at anyone who tries to tell me that Michael Jackson wasn't a freak. Especially since he's been conspicuously "weird" since the 80s.