Friday, November 20, 2009

A Sad Story

The gist:
Daniel Webb, 33, died after being taken from his home on County Farm Road Wednesday. Webb had been in a medical chair for nine months, covered in sores and human waste.

Authorities say Webb died from cardiac arrest.

Webb hadn’t left his house, or even walked for almost nine months. His wife Ada Webb says he hurt his knee and could no longer walk. He sat in a Lazy-boy for the rest of his life.
Now don't laugh because that is more cruel than funny. It was a medical chair, probably not even made by La-Z-Boy. (But inserting "Lazy-boy" in the article sure has it's connotations, huh?!)

But let's be real: Lazy only gets you so far.

Once you are no longer mobile, unable to make it to the bathroom much less into the kitchen, you need help.

You need a doting mother, a spouse, a good friend, someone to take care of you, to feed you, to put a roof over your head, to clean up your bedpan, to provide entertainment.

No man, left to his own devices, is going to eat himself to 900 pounds. It's impossible.

Here's this man's wife (the main culprit in his death, if you ask me) blaming shame and the lack of health insurance for his condition:
Webb, 33, didn't ask for help for all those months, because he was ashamed and didn't have health insurance, said his wife, Ada. He slept and used the bathroom in his chair and she cleaned it every day.
Left to his own devices, he would have starved to death in a puddle of his own piss and shit months ago.

But she cleaned his mess every day, brought him food (probably not salad and fresh fruit), paid his bills, and provided him shelter. Out of love, she enabled him into an early grave.

So when she says:
"I did all I could for him. He loved me with a passion," his wife said.
Of that, I have no doubt.

And that's why he's dead now.

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