Thursday, November 05, 2009

More 4A

(This is me, lashing out.)

Comments on this article regarding the closure of Aurora's libraries.
MrMischief wrote:
I did not support this measure. While I don't use the libraries, I didn't see this as a vote for or against the library. I saw this as a vote for or against higher taxes when my wallet is already being squeezed.
Now that's what I call perspective!

Focus on the insignificant tax increase while ignoring the very significant library closures. Brilliant!
Seanchai wrote:

Also, it seems as if people head to libraries these days more for the free Internet access than anything else, so I'm not sure what role they play in actually educating people these days.

But, really, this vote isn't surprising. While I support libraries - I was literally just at my local one yesterday, looking for a book - they are dinosaurs. They've becoming less and less relevant daily.
1) Does the internet not play a role in educating people these days? Yes. 2) Is the "free internet" at the library really "free?" No, it's paid for by tax dollars. 3) Libraries are not becoming less and less relevant daily...unless 4 out of 7 in your city are fucking closing!
Foxygirls wrote:
The city has seven libraries so it isn't like they won't have access to a library if 3 or 4 close. Get a grip people.
Now I like this argument. In fact, I think we should apply it to all kinds of things.

You have two eyes, so it's not like you'd be blind if I plucked one out. Get a grip, people! (And an eye patch.)
JackKetch wrote:
Just shows the value Aurora puts on literary education. Glad I don't live out there. But really, if the city can't figure out how to keep one of the cheapest components in their government open...they have much bigger problems.
I agree! Only one problem...the city of Aurora is managed by a professional city manager, not by the city council.
No libraries. I bet they would be quick to vote for a property tax for a new jail.
Or an immigrant detention center.
sirgrim wrote:
Yes Aurora you will have to do what the rest of America is doing during the down economy. Adjusting.
Alright, that's kind of funny, but...

Adjusting during a down economy would be ponying up some extra tax revenue to keep the libraries open until things get better. Closing the libraries and laying off dozens of people forever isn't so much an "adjustment" as it is a brand new status quo.
TiredofInsanity wrote:
Another Colorado vote down the drain for wonder we are almost last in this area. All we have to do is blame ourselves. Sad day.
Again, I agree.

Only I'm "blaming ourselves" in the most general of ways. I'm actually blaming this on the "not with my tax dollar" crowd who have shown time and time again that they don't give a flying fuck about community, not as a concept, and certainly not as a practice.

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