Friday, October 09, 2009

Bitching About Republicans Again

My right-wing aunt in Texas sent me this picture.

Of course when I saw that, my response was to blow a big raspberry and say, "Fuck no."

I don't miss Bush. I don't miss Cheney. I don't miss Condoleeza Rice. I don't miss any of those people.

You know what I miss? Intelligent Republicans.

I mean, look at this:
Gubernatorial hopeful Josh Penry vowed this week to repeal the vehicle registration fee hike put in place this summer.

Once the economy begins rebounding — and the state's general fund expands with it — Penry said, he would begin setting aside hundreds of millions in new money to replace the $250 million generated for Colorado's roads and bridges by the new fees and fines dubbed "FASTER."
Follow me here:

Josh Penry is a Republican.

Thanks to the anti-tax Republican platform, it's next to impossible to pass a tax increase in this state...even one designed to balance the budget.

These late fees were implemented because the State was running out of money and they couldn't raise taxes to make up the shortfall.

I paid these late fees a couple weeks ago when I registered my truck. (Yes, I was late. I don't have a drivers license. I had to get my Mommy to take me. Thanks a bunch, Nixonian "Law and Order" Nanny State!) The fees tripled the cost of my registration. Tripled.

Now, Josh Penry, a Republican, is going to use these fees to portray himself as a protector of citizens getting screwed over by the government.

And yet...and yet...

If his fellow Republicans weren't hostile to every little tax increase, the State would not have implemented the fees. The cost of my registration would not have tripled. The budget would be well on its way to being balanced.

And Josh Penry wouldn't be able to use it as a campaign issue to get himself elected.

Memo to Republicans: If this is your idea of helping me, stop trying to help me.

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