Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wherein I Endorse Skechers

So I'm a hypocrite. I carved "out a couple hours of my day to take the necessary bus to and from the store" and walked away with two new pairs of shoes. The city and state got their tax revenue. I got my shoes.

In fact, I got a better deal on the shoes than if I had bought them on the internet. I got a pair of Cool Cat's and a pair of Vitality's, both of them with a wide sole to accommodate my mutant crooked feet. The website has the Cool Cat's at $53 and the Vitality's at $60.

I didn't pay that much at the store. Not even close!

Nope, at the store I came in so under budget (with two pairs of shoes even) that I might return next month with a supplementary budget and get two more.


katrocket said...

hey, those are some sweet kicks.

"mutant crooked feet", eh? Please tell me it's not from wearing stilettos. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

justacoolcat said...

Toughest shoes on the market and it's a bonus that they're really comfortable. Though I do have to speak with my lawyer about their blatant copyright infringement. Cool Cat's?
Maybe they'll settle out of court by sending me a pair.

James said...

Kat, Yes, I have mutant crooked feet. It's a birth defect. Or as the Army called it when I went to take my ASFAB, a deformatity. (I'm fucking deformed!)

It's probably from how I sat in the womb during my formative months, but who knows. They tried to correct it when I was young with casts, but it never took. So I got these weird monkey feet. So what? They're covered by shoes most of the time, so it's no big deal. ;)

Cat, I agree on the toughest shoes. I've been wearing them for years and won't stop.

And if you're worried about their Cool Cat's, you should see their "Justa's." Or as they cleverly spell it...justice.