Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soaked to the Bone

I got soaked on the way home today. I didn't bring my raingear today so I had no choice to wallow in it.

I was alright with the ten feet from my buddy's truck to the bus stop. I figured I'd get my hair wet maybe. It was coming down pretty hard, but this bus stop had a cover so if I could...just...get...under...that cover, I'd be fine.

I neglected to take into account the river forming in the gutter and all the cars shooting through it creating a wall of splashback six feet high that came crashing down on me and my lack of raingear.

I guess they weren't kidding about those afternoon thunderstorms.


katrocket said...

Oh noooo! Not your beautiful luxurious silky hair!

I read this post while listening to a Barry White track and actually, it was a little bit sexy.

James said...

Leave it to me to make getting doused by filthy roadwater sexy. :)