Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Thought

I just saw a commercial for that show Whale Wars, wherein good intentioned environmentalists literally try to save the whales from the evil Japanese.

I wonder...would these well-intentioned whale-lovers even think about treating whales the way they treat these Japanese fishermen?

I consider myself to be somewhat sensitive to environmental concerns, but I also consider myself to be someone who thinks his way through things.

Throwing paint on some socialite's fur coat will not convince her that Fur is Murder. It will convince her to buy another fur coat. To which mink(s?) everywhere say to PETA, "You're not helping! Stop!"

Burning down a ski resort will make ELF arsonists into fugitives, but it will just ensure that the ski resort is rebuilt with more wood, more glass, more steel. Instead of freeing up resources, ELF is just ensuring that the real estate developers use twice as much.

They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Perhaps they should add that it's not the good intentions, but the unintended consequences.

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i am playing outside said...

I've always felt the same way about this.

Recently, PETA has started protesting the Vancouver Olympics and turning the adorable mascots into killers due to the seal hunt. First of all, yes, its mean to kill baby seals, but they are way over populated. In fact, they are eating up dwindling fish stocks, which takes away food from people. People who would like to live.

Second, what does the Olympics and boycotting maple syrup have to with the seal hunt? Get your heads checked, PETA.