Saturday, June 06, 2009

On the Limits of Social Engineering

It's funny...okay, not funny - it's kind of sad - that some folks think that "smokeless" tobacco products are intended for kids and NOT nicotine-craving adults forced to live in a world of smoking bans and smoke-free environments.

Which leads me to something I've been thinking about after I got into a debate with a guy over the issue of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

There's a certain authoritarian mindset that tricks people of all political persuasions into overestimating the effectiveness of various social engineering schemes.

This is why smoking bans result in "smokeless" tobacco products, why limiting drivers licenses to citizens results in masses of unlicensed illegal drivers, why drug control policies result in criminal drug cartels, why invading Iraq results in more terrorism, and on and on.

Ultimately, the only person any of us can control is ourselves. But don't tell that to the control freaks. They won't believe you anyway and if failure after failure never taught them the lesson, what do you think a couple words are going to do?


Splinkster said...

it's all about the power and all mighty dollar my man power and money

Splinkster said...

oh yeah hope you liked your package, would have sent eariler but afraid of the cold weather... take good care of thos babies....

i am playing outside said...

NOTE: i forced James to write this post. you CAN force people to do ANYTHING. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA