Saturday, June 13, 2009

Misplaced Priorities

Unless you're a big deftones fan like I am, you probably don't care, but Chi Cheng, their bassist, is STILL in a coma.
Chi Cheng is said to be "in semi-conscious state" following a November car accident. He was gravely injured in a November 3 car crash in northern California and has "started tracking with eyes and saying words" but he is not yet fully awake.
I hope he recovers, and I fear he won't. That makes me sad.

This makes me angry.
Cheng's brother recently wrote in an online post that Chi's insurance company had stopped paying for his treatment in mid-January. His mother posted that Cheng's house was returned to the bank and his dog was given away.
This is our health"care" system and our banking system at work. Or in other's not working.

The guy has a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma but his insurance company is only going to pay for three months of treatment? Ask yourself cui bono on that one. It ain't gonna be Chi!

And the bank is still doing the whole "Fuck you, pay me" thing when the guy is in a coma??? Jesus Christ, man. Don't worry about your fucking money for a minute. It's only money! Money's all good and great, but you know what's better? People.

And I bet you the shelter gave his Mom a rash of shit about the dog, too.

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Cormac Brown said...

F-in' vultures. I bet they are just waiting to harvest his organs for a profit.