Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Good Citizen James Checking In - Torrential Downpour Edition

I must have looked ridiculous in my rain gear today, but I don't care. It kept me dry in the downpour that started last night and kept still going.

They said there might be snow even in the higher elevations. Which is why I'm rarely up there.

Last night, it came down hard. The sound rose up like a roar, almost like a hailstorm. Every window got blasted. I heard water plinking off the swamp cooler and some of the vents on the roof.

I looked out the front door to see if it was hail, but no, it was just rain, sheets of water coming down and pooling up in all the low spots. All along the street, front doors opened and curious on-lookers like me peaked out. Lightning flashed in the distance, followed a few seconds later by the ripples of thunder.

And it stayed like that.

When I woke up this morning at 4:30, I knew it was still raining because I could still hear the tapping on the windows. And that's when I grabbed the rain gear.

It wasn't until I was on the bus, after riding my bike with all this extra bulk on me, hair wet, face red, ears stinging, that I thought:

I should have just drove to work.

But I didn't.

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i am playing outside said...

good for you, mr rain coat. it hailed here the other day... middle of a sunny afternoon. hail. ridiculous.