Thursday, June 04, 2009

Copyright Snark

In a post about patents and copyrights, Megan McArdle writes:
How about some hope and change on copyright law? Shorter the term back to the author's life plus thirty years--enough to care for needy spouses, but not for greedy corporations.
It's well known that I'm somewhat of a copyright dissident.

I recognize it's usefulness, but I also recognize that copyrights are completely out of hand.

And part of it has to do with the "the author's life plus thirty years--enough to care for needy spouses."

Here's the deal: copyrights are granted to creators to provide incentive for creating more works. The idea is that without incentive, no one would create anything...which any true artist will tell you is bullshit.

(Fact: A very small percentage, I'd guess 10% or less, of all art has any value in the marketplace. The rest is literally worthless. Some incentive, huh?)

I have no problem granting copyrights for "the author's life" but why the thirty year extension for needy spouses? So they can enjoy the incentive to create more works?


Splinkster said...

Yo James sorry for the delays did you get the seeds yet? you still have plenty of time where you live ta grow everything infact I have some tomatoes reseed from fallen fruit start to grow in mid June and still produce abundant harvests, once you get your package I think the note and surprises will be well worht the waint as for here I lost a few morning glory and cucumber due to suck fuckin cold nights still but luckillly I still have some left I saved for" just in case" typical Minnesota growing weather...unpredictable
anyhow hope all is going well here

i am playing outside said...

Hey look, a comment about the post topic! I couldn't agree more. It makes me vomit when a TV show sings some variation of Happy Birthday because the HUNDRED YEARS isn't over yet, and they're too cheap to buy the real song. Congrats for writing a 16 word song that no one can sing on TV. Fucking dumb.

katrocket said...

Great post, especially the part about the majority of art being literally worthless (as far as dollar value), but copyright laws and patents were orginally set up to protect the little guy from corporate idea stealers. Obviously it's rarely ever worked.

Did you get my seeds yet? ;)

i am playing outside said...

lol @ katrocket

James said...

Splink, I did get the seeds! Thanks, man! There's a lot more that I expected and I'm going to put a few into the ground this weekend. We'll see what happens!

IAPO, I say, fuck it. Just sing happy birthday.

Kat, I got your seeds too, darling, and thank you, too. Give me a few weeks and I'll put the pics up. It's gonna be a busy weekend in the garden, I tell ya.

As for the corporate bastards, I look forward to the day when anyone can put Mickey Mouse on a T-shirt without paying kickbacks to Disney Corp.