Saturday, May 30, 2009

Texas Intelligence

I found this article on the tubes today. The lede:
AUSTIN – The Senate rejected Republican Don McLeroy's nomination as chairman of the State Board of Education on Thursday after Democrats decried his lack of leadership and "endless culture wars" over evolution and other volatile topics.
I'm unfamiliar with the particulars of McLeroy's tenure as chairman, but I'm more than familiar with the various ways that fundamentalists try to make their religious views the laws of the land...and I don't like it.

Mainly because I'm an atheist (so yes, I'm biased, untrustworthy, and immoral), but also because we have freedom of religion in this country so there's no reason to get into picking the better dogmas. Who is to say that God wants creationism taught in science class, but he doesn't want the little girls running around in hijabs? Depending on who you ask, something called "God" commands both.

But I wanted to highlight this part because it's so stupid:
One of McLeroy's chief defenders, Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, accused opponents of applying a "religious test" for serving on the board.

"If we vote against Dr. McLeroy, the perception among many Texans will be that if you are a conservative and believe in the infallibility and literacy of the Bible, there is no need to apply to be on the State Board of Education," he said.
Jesus H. Christ.

A religious test? No, dude. We're not talking about the semester finals for Texas Biology 101 here. That's a religious test. Insisting that science, not religion, be taught in science class is NOT. (And, sorry, guys, but Darwinism is not a religion so us atheists aren't going to force you to start teaching it in Sunday School.)

Also...and this may seem like a cheap shot...but "if you believe in the infallibility and literacy of the Bible," you're not reading the Good Book all that closely.

There are way too many contradictions for it to be both literal and infallible. My Dad is willing to accept that the traitor Judas hung himself (as depicted in Matthew) and then fell and burst his guts on the ground (as depicted in Acts), which would be a literal interpretation of the differing accounts of Judas' death. But considering this is a Frankenstein of two different books, we can hardly say the Bible was infallible...


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