Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tale of the Tape

According to the fancy-smancy bike computer I got this weekend, I rode 2.247 miles this morning and burned 155.9 calories. I don't think either number is accurate, but I'm going to field test it a few times and see how it all averages out.

If indeed this is the case, I'm looking at riding a little under 5 miles a day, burning a little over 300 calories.

It's not so depressing when you think of it that way. Ah, mandatory minimums. Keeping hardened criminals like me off the streets. (Bitter? I'm not bitter. I totally support the right of the state to fuck people over for the lamest of reasons.)


i am playing outside said...

that sounds like a lot of calories for a relatively short distances. i think its broken. or you're reading it upside down. is actually 6.221 calories. lol

Big Daddy said...

You bike all the way to the Denver Tech Center?

James said...

IAPO, I have no doubt I am using it wrong...and as I have found, it's very very easy to throw that little thing off. This morning it wanted to tell me how many kilometers I went. Kilometers???

Big Daddy, No, not all the way...but from my house to the bus stop, then from the light rail station to the office. It's 2 miles or so.

i am playing outside said...

kilometeres are sexy :D


so close.