Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dancing With the Reruns

Ya know, network television might want to reconsider their love-affair with reality TV programming. Last night I took a break from cleaning the house and sat down with the remote control for a few.

On one channel, they were playing Dancing With the Stars, then on another they had Deal or No Deal. Man, I don't want to watch that crap.

Dancing With the Stars? It should be called Dancing With the Mildly Famous People. No one on that show is a star...that's why they're on Dancing With the Stars. Stars have shows of their own.

And Deal or No Deal? Not even the presence of all those beautiful women opening suitcases makes me want to watch it.

But the true problem for the networks isn't that they're producing shows no one wants to watch. I'm the exception to the rule, because millions of people DO watch those shows and do enjoy them. The problem is how many of those millions of people are going to watch this stuff in re-runs?

Seinfeld's last episode wrapped a decade ago, but Seinfeld is going to playing somewhere at least once a day for the next twenty years. I mean, I never saw The Jeffersons, All in the Family, or Charles in Charge when they were on primetime, but I sure saw plenty of episodes in syndication.

But they probably won't run Survivor or American Idol reruns. Do you really care to relive the Justin-Kelly drama all over again? Do you miss William Hung that much? Or Sanjaya?

These shows are completely and utterly disposable. Great for ratings...the first time...but with little to no appeal later.

So I ended up watching Rick Steves tour France on PBS, which was a re-run from several years back, and let me tell you, it was just as good as it was the first time.


Big Daddy said...

They show American Idol reruns on the TV Guide channel [I think]. It's on some channel but I always see it when scanning through.

i am playing outside said...

Ya dude. There are whole reality TV channels that just play reruns. There's a niche for anything and everything.

Yesterday there was a Survivor 1 marathon on a Canadian channel. I happened to notice during the finale, which I watched cuz it was 3am and what else was I gonna do? lol

James said...

Big Daddy, You still they'll be playing them 10-15 years down the line?

Maybe...but I seriously doubt it. And if it did, I bet you more people would rather watch Hogan's Heroes for the umpteenth time...

IAPO, "it was 3am and what else was I gonna do?"

Man, I can come up with a list. Hahaha

I watched Survivor 1 religiously when it was on. But now that it's over? Nah....