Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 Weeks of "The Moment of Truth" in 5 Minutes

Here's a show I didn't watch, but with the recap, why bother?
This guy seems like a cad.

This guy, on the other hand, seems like a decent fella.

Don't Hurt Yourself, Girl

I saw this vid on G4's Attack of the Show. Since the FCC had no qualms about it airing on cable, I'm conflicted about giving it a NSFW tag. There's no nudity, but there are several, ahem, interesting camera angles and poses. Besides, I'm not sure your boss would like you looking at videos of a hot Asian girl working out on the job.
Workout porn...could be the next big thing.

Valentines Day Massacre

I was wondering when the next rampage shooting would happen...

It's been a whole two months since a suicidal gunman shot up a school or a church or a mall. If only there had been some concealed carry permits on campus...this tragedy could have been averted!!!

But remember...Guns don't kill people.

People with guns kill people.

Body Language

Mitt Romney is on CNN right now endorsing John McCain. Interesting thing, though.

As he reads his statement, his hands are in his pockets.

A brief lapse in Romney's public speaking expertise? Or a sign that there are crack in his enthusiasm for a McCain administration?

Where's Sigmund when you need him?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Movie Talk

I hate to admit it, but my interest level in seeing Juno is nil. The subject matter bores me. The hype pushes me away. And the stars, both Ellen Page and Michael Cera, annoy the living piss out of me.

I know, I know. This puts me in the one-percentile of movie-goers out there, who are otherwise crazy about both of them. Ellen Page, isn't she just adorable? Michael Cera, so cute in Superbad.

I'm sorry, but Ellen Page looks like she's 20 going on 14, which makes me feel kind of icky to be honest... and Superbad kinda sucked.

I guess I just don't like "cute." I'll take raw and ugly any day.

Speaking of...a few movies I saw recently:

A) No Country For Old Men - Javier Bardem is creepy good, and so is Josh Brolin. But Tommy Lee Jones doesn't have much to do and the ending sucks.

B) 30 Days of Night - Melissa George is yummy, even in a parka, and Josh Hartnett is watchable as always. Danny Huston is miscast though and, again, the ending sucks. (I won't spoil it for you, but if you've already watched Blade II, then it's already been spoiled...)

C) Into the Wild - Poetic, interesting, and haunting, the kind of movie that gets under your skin and stays with you in your subconscious for a few days. Well-acted and sometimes deep, but ultimately kind of pointless. Not the greatest ending, but then again, it's a true story so that's how it is.

D) Meet the Spartans - My nephew dragged me to this one and the only thing I can say about it is that the ending was the best part.

E) We Own the Night - Eva Mendes (yummmm), Joaquin, Marky Mark. A decent little crime drama, very character driven with very little flash. Jumps the shark eventually, so again, another blah ending.

F) I Am Legend - Will Smith gets a Jimmy (that's my version of an Oscar) for best actor in this one. The story is interesting, but after a while it becomes less so, and what becomes interesting is Will Smith's performance. The ending? I still like the ending in the book, but I don't mind what they put in the movie.

G) The Kingdom - Peter Berg gets the Jimmy for best director with for layering this movie with so many interesting textures, the fly on the wall montages alongside the mindblowing action scenes, and still managing to keep the thing entertaining. It all culminates in a shoot-out with a very Hollywood resolution, but hey, there's a nice coda at the end that hints at deeper themes.

H) Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Starts off as an amusing costume drama, but then it descends into melodrama. I don't really remember the ending, to be truthful. Maybe I'll have to watch it again.

I) Gone Baby Gone - Ben Affleck's directorial debut, starring his brother, who is actually pretty good in this one. I'm a sucker for private eye stuff and this one, with a boyfriend-girlfriend team, sounded promising. Unfortunately Michelle Monaghan doesn't have much to do as the girlfriend, and the gritty crime atmosphere I dig so much can't make up for a few jerky plot twists which culminate in, yes, another so-so ending.

So what is it with the crappy endings?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song of the Year

I keep hearing about this Heidi Montag chick on all the gossip blogs, but I honestly have no idea who that is. She was on some MTV show or something and now she wanted to start some kind of music career.

I never paid much attention because 1) I didn't know who she was and 2) I didn't really care.

But then I saw a picture of her, can't find it now, and she actually looked good. Like Woah good. Like too good for the gossip pages.

And then I saw this monstrosity:
Kinda hot but kinda skinny chick writhing around on the beach in a bikini. Fake boobs, surf, sand. Alright, I can watch that.

But what the hell is up with this song? It sounds like an old Nintendo game with Hello Kitty singing. And even if I mute it, I still have the urge to give the girl a double cheeseburger and chocolate shake.

This girl isn't made for TV or even the music business. She's made for porno.

Why Bush Is a Shitty President: Reason #478

A wise man once said, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood..." and then he tried to copyright the phrase and didn't seem so wise. But that little bit of advice, "Seek first to understand...then to be understood" is still applicable, and more than that, it's good advice.

President Bush doesn't do that. That's why he can say stupid shit like this:
"I certainly don't know what he believes in," Bush said when asked if there had been a "rush to judgment" about Obama. "The only foreign policy thing I remember he said was he's going to attack Pakistan and embrace Ahmadinejad."
See, here's the problem...

Bush is not giving an accurate summary of Obama's positions here. Obama didn't say he'd attack Pakistan. He said he'd attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan if need be. And he didn't say he'd embrace Ahmadinejad...he said he'd talk to him. Slight difference...

So is Bush misunderstanding Obama's position? Or just misrepresenting it?

However you cut it, Bush is either dishonest or dumb and I fail to see how either possibility is all that laudable.