Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ghetto Garden

It's only the middle of April, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on in the Ghetto Garden. I've already turned the soil, added some amendment, and started thinking about what I'm going to put where. It's too early to plant anything, but in a few days, I'm going to transplant three tomato plants with the help of some "wall o'waters." I've never used them before, but supposedly they warm up the soil so you can plant tomatoes 6-8 weeks early.
We'll see how that goes.

If it's a failure, I have plenty of back-up.
There's at least a half dozen tomato varieties there, plus some flower seedlings (and that's just the top shelf). I do have a lot of reusable plastic pots for these young plants, but as you can see, I had to improvise with plastic cups (also reusable for this purpose) and peat pots.

The peat pot slips into the cup but not all the way, leaving a little pocket of space below. If you take a push pin and poke a few holes in that space, you allow for air flow and drainage, while also creating a little reservoir that will attract thirsty roots. Then when you're ready to transplant, you just slip the peat pot out of the cup and put it in the ground.

As you can see from the picture the seedlings like to grow towards the light, so I have to turn them every few days to keep them semi-straight. If I had a greenhouse, this wouldn't be a problem. And if I had a pony...

In the actual garden...

Some of my perennials are already coming back. I planted some Echinacea last year, and that's already leafing up (no blooms yet). And then there's the tulips.

I planted over a hundred tulip bulbs last fall, both amidst my tires and in the front yard, knowing that many of them, perhaps all of them, wouldn't survive the winter. That's not to say that winter is particularly dangerous for tulips; on the contrary, tulips need a deep freeze to bloom. But during the long winter months, there are a lot of hungry squirrels...and hungry squirrels love tulips.

And thankfully they missed some.

And here's a beautiful sight. Hmmm...purple.


Winter said...

Very pretty.

chelene said...

That tulip is gorgeous.

justacoolcat said...

You suck.

James said...

I agree with all of you with varying degrees of seriousness.