Saturday, December 08, 2007

All Metal Saturday

A little Down on Saturday morning.
And since I missed it last night, here's my random 10, from my beefed up "Heavy shit" playlist.

1) deftones - Around the Fur
2) Shadows Fall - Acts of Contrition
3) Flyleaf - Fully Alive
4) Down - Mourn
5) Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn
6) Pantera - I'm Broken
7) Sepultura - Lookaway
8) Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
9) Damageplan - New Found Power
10) Slayer - Dissident Aggressor

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Man Mitt

Mitt Romney, who (disclosure) I don't like at all, says he didn't hire illegal workers to paint on his house, even though some illegal workers did apparently paint his house. Of course, he blamed the contractors, which makes sense actually, offering up this line that sums it up nicely:
"So for instance, if I go to a restaurant, do I make sure all the waiters there are all legal?"
Now that would be funny! I wonder if Tom Tancredo is checking out all the places he eats!

Seems like Mitt's getting a little bit of some unfair mudslinging here, which goes with the territory I guess, but still, he's Mitt. He just had to give a speech on religion the other day, so everyone could talk about Mormon Mitt and he could win over the ignorant-by-choice nitwits on the religious right. I missed the speech but I did want to touch on something he said responding to this weak little gotcha moment.

He also said this:
"The individuals in my home were not my employees. They were hired by a company. The company made a mistake in judgment. And that's why I terminated my relationship with them."
Which is fine...up until that last sentence. "And that's why I terminated my relationship with them."

Part of the reason that Romney makes me squirm is that he's so phony. The things he says, the way he acts. All politicians are phony to a certain extent, but with Romney the phony meter goes up. His appeals to the modern Republican, contrasted with his past on the record statements, just add to the phoniness.

And then he tosses off a little white lie like, "And that's why I terminated my relationship with them."

But wait...
Romney hired Olympic Painting and Roofing of Peabody, Mass., to paint the salmon-colored house in August, and the work was completed in October, according to Olympic, the Globe reported.
They completed the work? So there was no, you know, termination? Er, well, I guess completing the job is one way to terminate the relationship, but that's not what Romney's saying here. He's not saying he just fired the guys.

He's saying he fired them because they "made a mistake" and hired illegals!

And, Mitt, you were doing so good! You had the joke down. "What, I gotta check the waiter, too?" You had the advantage. And then you blew it with, "And that's why I terminated the relationship."

We get it. You're assertive. When you see a problem, you take action. You're a "good American" for refusing to do business with a company that hires illegal help. All noble traits.

But you're also full of shit and the smell is killing me.


Do not read the next post if you are easily shocked or influenced by revolutionary propaganda.

Letters From the Underground

You know, I can understand why the CIA erased the torture tapes. I'd do the same thing. And I'd be thinking, I ain't going to jail for those fuckers.

These rug-monkey booty-chompers like Rumsfeld or Cheney, or Wolfowitz and Gonzalez, aided by their Doofus-In-Chief Bush (who would tell you what's going on, if he could only figure it out himself) are actually pulling this kind of Hollwyood mobster bullshit with the government of these United States, and have been for years. YEARS.

It may too late to impeach these fuckers, but it's never too late to hang them!

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Rampage Killer, Mommy

It's not enough to just kill yourself these days. You must take out as many people as possible with you.

Yep, in the 21st Century, suicide is no longer a solitary act.

So how long is it going to take the people of America to realize that maybe we need stricter gun laws? And when I say strict, I mean strict. You want an AK-47? Okay...are you a Russian soldier? Are you an Afghan terrorist? Are you a Columbian revolutionary? Are you a Somali war lord? No? Well, then YOU DON'T GET AN AK-47!

You know who needs assault weapons? The police. You know why? Because criminals have them. You know who else needs them?

No one.

But we're not talking about need, right? We're talking about a right, dammit! It's my right!

Hey, that's all good and fun...until a psychopath takes his AK-47 down to the mall and blows away Grandma, getting blood on your presents. Don't worry though, it's rare for this to happen, gentle readers. Chances are you will not, repeat, not die in a kill-crazy rampage.

But with guns so easy to get, with gun-nuts from coast to coast cleaning and admiring the guns they may or may not someday use in a murder, I guarentee we'll have another one. And another. And another.

And another.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Funny Scares

One time I got this powerpoint presentation through e-mail with all these ghost pictures. It was pretty interesting and kinda creepy, then you get to the last page, a scary demon faced popped out and it let out a blood-chilling scream.

Me and my nephew watched it, him in my lap, me none the wise about this little twist at the end. The demon screamed and so did my nephew, he buried his face into my chest and grabbed hold with his teeth. He's never been able to trust anything I want to show him on the computer since.

This video is an approximation of the experience, but funnier. (That thing scared me too!)

Cancel World War 3

Iran's not going nuclear anytime soon...

As reality intrudes, once again, on Mr. George "I Don't Know What the Fuck I'm Doing" Bush and his right wing enablers.

And while I'm on that subject, I re-iterate once again that Larry Craig is gay. Several dudes have gone on the record, describing their homosexual encounters with Sen. Craig (R), Idaho, even Denver's own Mike Jones, who really gets around apparently.

Mike Jones, it seems, is waging his own gay jihad against the self-loathing and hypocrisy of the closet. Good for him. If I was gay, there's no way you could stuff me in a closet. Craig, on the other hand, seems like your garden variety pervert. A gay one, but a pervert nonetheless. So far, I don't think anyone's ever come out and said they had a relationship with Larry Craig, even one lasting a few days. They're just these random encounters, sex and no more. That's big-time pervey.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

You Can't Bullcrap a Bullcrapper

This is priceless...

You got a National Review blogger quoting Michelle Malkin on the Beauchamp story. (I'll link to the Corner, but Malkin can kiss my ass...)

Malkin's summary:
"The maxi-mea culpa runs more than 10 pages and thousands and thousands of words (self-pitying, rationalizing, messenger-blaming), but this is the belated bottom line: The Beauchamp stories are bullcrap."
But like Lavar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow (and good policy when it comes to reading Malkin), don't take her word for it.

I read the 14 page, thousands and thousands of words maxi-mea culpa myself and, how can I say this diplomatically? I don't think Malkin read the same document...

Read it yourself and tell me what you think.

Updated: Glenn Greenwald compares the Beauchamp tale with a similar scandal brewing at the National Review. He even gives credit to Michelle Malkin saying it's due. I don't know about that...but Glenn's still worth a look. (Greenwald...the other Glenn is still an idiot.)

The Puff Piece And Me

There's a puff-piece about the company I work for in the business section of Sunday's Denver Post. Though I didn't get name-dropped, the NOC got the lede:
CENTENNIAL — From the company's network operations center, National CineMedia engineers [that would be me, ed.] can see which commercials are being shown, and in what order, to moviegoers.

Staffed 24 hours a day, the center closely monitors a digital network that beams advertisements via satellite to computer servers at more than 950 movie theaters, including 26 in Colorado.

The network is the linchpin for a company that has helped transform cinema advertising, an industry booming amid the marketing shift from traditional broadcast and print media.
Pretty interesting stuff.

I also barely escaped appearing in this picture. If they panned a little more to the left, they would have seen me in all my (at the time) shaggy-haired glory. Behind this dude, who is our CEO, there is the famous video wall I've blogged about so much the past year or so, I'm pretty sure, however, that the big eye on the plasma screen over his left shoulder was photoshopped in. I have never seen that eye before and I don't think it's in the content loop for that screen.