Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's a Long Way....

Ah...this is like a shot of methadone to a junky.This riff, though simple and repeated throughout, is guaranteed to put you into a head-banging trance.

The Invisible Sham

A little bit of truth in this read-worthy post:
The fundamental flaw with conservative economic policy is its reliance on markets for problems that markets can’t solve.
Don't get mad at me...I didn't say it.

But I certainly believe it.

Markets can be very powerful things, but I don't think they are magical and there are just some things that they can't (or more aptly, won't) do.

Would a private for-profit entity build the interstate highway system, or send a man to the moon? Doubt it.

A quick cost-benefit analysis would put the squelch on that idea. There's just no money in it, with all the construction and maintenance related costs, and acquiring all that private property for your right of way... You're not going to be able to recoup your investment, much less make any money from it.

If you asked me, I think we need to relearn how to work together for the common good. Competing against each other for profit is all fine and dandy, but it's certainly not the only (nor even the best) way to get things done.

Updated: And just as I blog about highways, I find an article about the privatization of America's roads.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Rush's Clinton Moment

Rush on the Frost family (courtesy of Think Progress):
"I never attacked this family. I simply reported what their financial circumstances are."
Sorry, Rush, your explanations are weaker than the Broncos run defense.'s the thing. If by "never attacked" you mean you never punched, kicked, or bit the Frost family then, Rush, you are correct.

If by "never attacked" you mean that you didn't participate in the effort to discredit the Democrats by discrediting the Frosts...well, then you're full of shit.

Of course, you probably don't consider that effort an "attack," per se, more like an appropriate response to one's opponents. A response, no doubt, but appropriate?

I guess that depends on your definition of appropriate...

So Bad and So Wrong

A random Googler posted a comment on an old post and having forgotten the context, I went back and re-read it. Oh, I was on a tear that day!

This paragraph, though, was pretty good, I thought, and bears repeating again in case you missed it the first time:
The outrage is our perverted "values" as a culture, as a society. If pushing for a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and simultaneously trying to deny other people healthcare is "good and right," then I'd rather be bad and wrong!
That's me...bad and wrong.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I read this story and immediately thought, "FUCK YEAH!"

I don't to work in an environment ever again where swearing is verboten. FUCK THAT.

It's a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Download a Song)

Does anybody have an MP3 of AC/DC's song It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll). (It's on the High Voltage record.) I've tried getting the song through normal channels (iTunes, Amazon, etc) but it appears that AC/DC is still one of the digital music hold-outs.

Which is a shame, because if I could find it, I'd buy it. But I can't so I must steal it. Who wants to be my accomplice?

Anatomy of a Skank

This story offends every essence of my being.

First, there's this:
Pamela Anderson says she and Rick Salomon took their 17-year friendship to the next level during a poker game.

“I left the table and Errol (Lyon, Anderson’s driver) played in my place,” the 40-year-old ex-“Baywatch” star tells OK! magazine. “I came back to find myself $250,000 in the hole to Rick!”
Hey, I'm not retarded. I know there are some big-stakes gamblers out there and if they have the money (which apparently Pam does) then gamble it if you choose.

I'm still going to sneer at the waste. Most of the people I know, who are less famous and less fabulous than ole Pam, would have to work for years for the kind of money these rich bitches throw away on the poker table. 250K can pay off my house and most of my neighbors' house, setting up a couple of "little" people for life.

But hey...Pam, you earned it. (See, ladies? Showing people your boobs is a tried and true method to attaining riches, so forget college...and your shirt.) Gamble away.

And then there's this:
“Rick, being the gentleman, said he would wipe my debt if I gave him a kiss, so I have to thank Vegas for our relationship switching gears!”
Pam, there is nothing gentlemanly about offering to turn you into the most expensive hooker in the history of the world's oldest profession. I guess I can see, though, how that might be a complement. If you're going to be a hooker, might as well be the most expensive one, right?


Planet Quentin

So I'm watching Robert Rodriguez's half of Grindhouse, the zombie gorefest Planet Terror, and all is going well. It's gory, bloody, funny, action-packed...and then Quentin Tarrantino shows up as a rapist soldier.

You know, I don't mind that QT's movies are getting progressively worse. So enamored by his own genius, he seems to have forgotten how to be self-critical. When making Kill Bill, he didn't ask himself if the whole "My name is Buck" part was necessary or just an excuse to include the Pussy Wagon. (And tell me...are there not parts of Pulp Fiction that completely bore you to death?)

As a filmmaker he has faults redeemed (somewhat) by the overall quality of his films, but as an actor...he's just horrible. He obviously has a great time performing, and every now and then manages to actually create a character, like in From Dusk to Dawn, but for the most part, he just hams it up.

And in Planet Terror, he takes the ham that to another level. And I'm not saying that's a good thing...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Andrew Sullivan on Jonah Goldberg

Aquinas was more persuasive. And he knew far less.

Breaking News

Air America radio personality Rhandi Rhodes was NOT mugged as previously reported. The non-mugging is Michelle Malkin's lead story. (Thanks Instapundit! You shoulda told me it was Malkin before I clicked. You know I'm boycotting that shrew!)

See, this is why Malkin is a respected journalist...cuz she focuses on the things that really matter.

True Character

Yet another reason to cheer for the Rockies.

Go Rockies!

Ozzy's New Song

I heard Ozzy's new song "Not Going Away" on the radio on the way to work today and my reaction was similar to the one inspired his previous effort, "Never Gonna Stop."

We get it, Ozzy. You're never gonna stop, you're not going away, yadda yadda yadda. But Ozzy, if all you can do is write songs about what a rocker you are, maybe you should....

What's the next single going to be called? "Ozzy's Next Hit Single."

Kaus's Brain

I'm on record with my distaste for Mickey Kaus (here and here) but it seems he has reached a new low in professional punditry. Apparently not satisfied flogging teacher's unions as the enemy of education or caring a bit too much about how the L.A. Times runs their business, he has picked up on a story in the National Enquirer, yes...the National Enquirer, that John Edwards had an affair.

And the sad thing is that he appears to be serious...

For more on the story, read this post and tell me if Mickey Kaus is deserving of our scorn, or our empathy.

If Kaus isn't treating his readers to some kind of intricate joke, then I fear he might have went ahead with the brain-ectomy his doctors recommended to treat his chronic case of the stupids.

Updated: Instapundit links to Radar linking to both Kaus and the National Enquirer. Now if only we could get Malkin to dispatch her flying monkeys, we might get to the bottom of this story.

Of course, once it gets to Limbaugh, then you know it's true.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rocktober Sweep

Oh, and did I mention the Rockies are going to the World Series?

Yep, it's true. From this baseball amateur's quick-check on things, it even looks like it might be historic enough to even become a bit of sports legend.

Happy Birthday To Scottito!

My nephew's 12th birthday was yesterday. We celebrated with a private party at Amazing Jake's, one of those modern day arcades with mini-golf, a rock climbing wall, laser tag, go-karts...and, oh, video games. You can't be twelve years old these days without being a complete video game freak.

He got a Rip-Stick, one of those two wheels skateboards, from his Dad. I gave him a video camera/still camera/MP3 player/voice recorder device. (He seemed to be looking forward to the camera most, but that quickly evaporated upon discovering that the video portion of the camera was, at best, webcam quality.) He also got a new helmet and knee pads (neccesary for the Rip-Stick) from Papa and Nana, a snow boogie-board for sledding fun from Grandma Kae, a John Cena hoodie from Uncle Jim and Family, plus the twelfth book in the Lemony Snicket series, which is one of Scott's favorites. (Unlike most kids, he could give flying broom about Harry Potter, but don't deny the kid his Lemony Snicket!) Uncle Henry, in town on business and a guy I don't see nearly as much as I would like to, even made it, making the evening not only a birthday celebration but a mini-family reunion.

Meanwhile, me and my brother took on these other two guys in bumper go-karts. They weren't actually "bumper" go-karts, but we sure made them that way! It was like four little Dale Earnhardt's out there, all trying to race our last race. I didn't see it happen, but Scott brake-checked Uncle Jim and his daughter Cori, giving them whiplash and causing a calamity of steel, flesh and racing fuel behind them.

I scored 1000 points and broke a sweat playing laser tag. Scott climbed to the top of the rock wall like Spiderman, then flew back down like Superman. He was flying through that place like a tornado, followed by his entourage of friends, confetti flying from his pockets and lighting shooting from his eyes.

12 years old now. The last year he'll be a "kid." Next year, he'll be a teenager...

Good Lord, help us now.