Friday, September 28, 2007

John Lennon Thoughts

"I believe time wounds all heels."
- John Lennon

I saw the U.S. Versus John Lennon last night, a decent documentary, more political than musical, I would say. I'm not a big John Lennon fan. I often wonder if he really did fall in love with Yoko and had this tremendously romantic life, as is often portrayed, or if he just went crazy. Still, an interesting dude nonetheless.

The movie...meh. I've seen better. There were a few interesting moments.

G. Gordon Liddy describes using a peace demonstrator's vigil candle to light his cigar and then remarking to the protester, "Well at least you're good for something." The remark hints at the humanity of Liddy's soul, don't you think? (Or at least, the lack thereof.)

My favorite quote, though, was the above quote, given by Lennon when asked about any hard feelings he might have for the Nixonian assholes who failed to get him deported.

Time wounds all heels.

I like that better than the original, "Time heals all wounds," because that one I think is bullshit.

One last thing, if you watch this movie, or study Lennon's life, notice how sedate he is after that whole ordeal. It's almost as if the Man had brought him to heal. In the footage shot when he got his green card (finally), Lennon appears cleanshaven, in a suit, and with an almost conservative haircut. He looks almost clean cut!

Then afterwards, from 1975 until his death in 1980, he made narry a peep.

The Word of the Day is....


So Rush Limbaugh calls soldiers who don't support the war in Iraq "phony soldiers."

John Kerry calls the remarks "disgusting" and demands an apology. Meanwhile the House and Senate are drafting a resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh's unconscionable remarks...

Oh wait. They're not doing that.

It would be funny if they did though. Not funny ha-ha, but funny nonetheless.

Besides, Rush, we know who the REAL phony soldiers are, don't we?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Power of the Riff Compels Me

I was the first kid on my block to get the new Down record on Tuesday, and let me be the first to say...

That shit is tight!

It's better than Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow. It's as good (maybe even better) as Down I: Nola.

I might review the whole thing, but until then, check out this tasty riff from Mourn. Now that's some powerful riffage.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Indeed, Heh

I found this via Matt Yglesias. I'm not going to set it up. Just read it.

Oh, Ike, you commie bastard.

Seriously, if the GOP had more Eisenhowers and less Bushes, Guilianis, and Romneys, I might actually be a Republican.

As it is, I'm content to be independent.

And this part is just brilliant:
This stuff is mind-numbingly hysterical—literally. Such rhetoric is literally calculated to numb the mind, to render any rational calculus impossible, to reduce democratic deliberation on the most subtle and difficult issues of our time to mere grunts and snorts, turning readers' minds to mush. That's what the conservative media is all about.
Yup, sure seems like it, huh?


Last week, in the context of the Moveon debate, I bemoaned cheap gotcha politics, you know, the kind of political argument whose sole goal is to embarass the other side (like the Moveon resolution). Republicans are very good at playing gotcha.

Remember the debate about Al Gore's big energy consuming house? It had nothing useful to add to the global warming debate, but oh how it put egg on Gore's face!

Well, here's another example.

The text of a Bush speech had phonetic spellings of certain potentially confusing proper nouns like Sarkozy and Mauritania.

I guess this is supposed to reinforce the idea that Bush is an idiot, so dumb he has to be told how to say certain words. Please.

If I were going to be giving a speech to the UN, I won't be mad if you put some phonetic spellings in there. I could probably get through Sarkozy and Mauritania, but there might just be some words that I see written all the time, but spoken only rarely. So help a brother out.

Besides, if you waited for this story to convince that Bush is an idiot...then you're not going to like this part: You're an idiot, too.

I knew Bush was an idiot long before he was elected. You know what it was? That debate where he was asked about his favorite philosopher and he answered Jesus. No joke.

He actually said Jesus was his favorite philosopher.

If you're confused about how dumb that is, consider this. A secularist is going to have a huge pantheon of great philosophers to pick from, from the classics up to the modernists, and Jesus might not even make that list. And if he did make the list, he most likely wouldn't be at the top. Jesus before Pythagoras? Hume? Descartes? Lao Tzu?

It's like asking who your favorite scientist is and instead of answering "Albert Einstein," you say "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

I suppose it is possible, however, for a non-Christian to pick Jesus as their favorite philosopher, just unlikely.

For a Christian, which Bush claims to be, to answer "Jesus" to the favorite philosopher question is just idiotic. Why? Because to Christians, Jesus isn't just a philosopher.

He is God.

And yes, I know, supposedly God is everywhere and in all things, so there's no reason why God couldn't be a philosopher, nay the ultimate philosopher. But what's his philosophy, I wonder?

Oh, and just for the record, my favorite football player? God.

Fav ice cream flavor? God.

Favorite philosopher? Jim Morrison.

Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking - Week 3

Yeah, a little late, but oh well. So it goes when you're physically and mentally exhausted.

Macon Street Smokers 1-1-1 (Rank 6 of 8, up one)

Finally a win! After a controversial trade, even. I traded Jay Cutler and Donald Driver away for Drew Brees and Santonio Holmes, which garnered plenty of criticism within the league. Dumb move? Maybe. None of those guys were my starters, so their bench points don't mean anything to me anyway. The points that did matter, those of Brian Westbrook, were really an unexpected bonus. I had heard that he was questionable for the game and was going to bench him. Glad that didn't happen! He got 221 yards and two touchdowns, enough, in other words, to put me over the top.

Macon Street Maniacs 3-0 (Rank: 1 of 10, unchanged)

Another week in the NFL, another Maniac victory. Still at the top of the heap, still the point leader, still unbeaten. Steve Smith had an off day, getting only 1 point. But Anquan Boldin more than made up for it with 34. The final score? 155-94, a 61 point difference. Guess who got the 155? That would be me.

Macon Street Monsters 2-1 (Rank: 2 of 8, Down 1)

I suppose it's too much to expect that two of my fantasy teams completely dominate the leagues they're in. Thanks to unimpressive outings by my running backs (Jamal Lewis and Ahman Green) as well as a pitiful 2 point day from kicker Jason Elam, I wasn't able to overcome the 133.36 to 118.94 deficit. I didn't fall too far, though, from the #1 spot to the #2 spot. And next week? Next week I'm playing a guy who has lost every game he played and trails the league in points scored. 3-1? I think so.

Just Asking

* Why hasn't Amanda Bynes fired her agent yet? Sure, most of her fan base is the under 18 Nickelodeon set, but does that mean she should only make teenybopper rom-coms? She's grown up now --even old enough to drink-- so why not try, you know, a grown-up role?

Amanda, sweetheart, you don't have to go the route of Lindsey Lohan, breaking free from your Disneyfied past by going straight to Skanksville, but surely Scarlet Johansson could provide some inspiration, no?

* Why are almost all frozen dinners absolutely disgusting? Seriously, don't get anything with beef unless you like that twice cooked boiled meat flavor. The chicken breast? Well, that's not chicken breast. It's mechanically separated white meat that's been chopped and formed into the shape of a chicken breast. Yummy.

Seriously, I'd rather starve than eat another one of those again.

* Have Americans given up acting? Or are American actors just asking for too much? I only ask because it seems that in order to get a TV series on network television these days, you have to be a bloke. If Hugh Laurie's turn on House wasn't enough, there's a new series from Kevin McKidd (the great Scottish actor, lately of Rome), one from Damian Lewis, and even the new Bionic Woman is a bloke (a blokette?).

It's almost like Hollywood's farm team is the West End.

Of course, in six months it will all be a moot point as all these shows will have already been canceled.