Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Work

No work today, just a baseball game. The bosses closed the NOC down for 24 hours and treated us to some (third) level seats at Coors Field and a round of drinks at nearby Fado's. (Actually, the NOC was never closed. We just got scab labor for a day.) It was a lot of fun, which is weird because at the old job there were some people I just couldn't stand and the thought of hanging out with them all day at a baseball game just gives me the shivers.

With all the guys I work with now, it was great. We had some beers, some hot dogs, some laughs.

But the Rockies choked.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Compendium of Links

The headline reads: Seniors having more sex than you might think, study says. Which is funny, because seniors having any sex is more than I care to think about...

I often wonder why Americans are so stupid, and then I find a study like this.
One in four adults read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday.
That basically means that one in four adults is a blockhead. Books fill the mind, and there are a lot of empty heads out there. The big readers: women and older people.

In other words, the people who built the world we live in, and the women who will rule it.

Maybe Beckham really will save soccer in the US... His Denver debut is sold out.

The next time I fly (if I fly) I'm putting these in my luggage. My new record drops September 4. It's called Fuck the TSA.

When my record fails to make it into Wal-mart due to a Parental Advisory sticker, I will resort to guerilla gardening to make my fortune. Those zinnias at the bus stop. I planted em.

You know who I don't like? Eddie Van Halen. He's always been an asshole, from turning his back on crowds to hide "his" technique to demanding green M&Ms on his rider, and he's still an asshole to this day. Trying to write Michael Anthony out of the picture. And the worst part?

Pre-recorded tapes will reportedly be used to recreate Anthony's backing vocals on the tour.
Lame. Lame!

The Race Card

You would think that an organization dedicated to the "Advancement of Colored People" would run as far as they could from Michael Vick, considering that at this point he's incapable of advancing anything, but...the opposite is happening.

R.L. White, president of the Atlanta NAACP, urges caution in judging Michael Vick and reminds us that he's innocent...until he pleads guilty.

White says:
We’re not taking a position on whether or not he did it, nor are we condoning dogfighting. We’re merely saying that people shouldn’t rush to judge Michael Vick.
Well at least they're not proclaiming his innocence, or worse, defending dogfighting. But still, it makes you wonder...according to all reports I have read, Vick's guilt in the dog-fighting mess is a foregone conclusion. He's all but admitted that the answer to the "Did he do it?" question is yes, and all the wrangling since then has been how to get as light a punishment as possible. (A year in jail, served in the off-season, with Sundays off preferably...)

Since we know he did it and dog-fighting is (hopefully we can all agree on this one) bad, then why is the NAACP urging caution in casting judgments about him? Could it be solely because of the color of his skin?

I think so.

Why? Because R.L. White seems to think that Michael Vick's trouble have to do, in part, with racism. Witness this exchange:
But this is the same media scrutiny that all celebrities get. Paris Hilton was skewered by the media during her court proceedings. Do you think Vick is being treated differently because he’s black?
I think part of it is his celebrity status, but I think it’s racially influenced as well. Obviously celebrities are scrutinized, but he has attracted scrutiny prior to this case for no other reason than because of his “thuggish” image.
The bold in White's quote is my emphasis.

The racial angle? Vick's "thuggish" gangsta image. And yet, Michael Vick is not a gangster. He is the starting quarterback for an NFL franchise. One can carry on like a gangster if you're a starting NFL quarterback, but you're paid too much and afforded too many opportunities to really be one. And if you try, well, your NFL career will be at risk.

Be a gangster, or be a highly paid sports celebrity. You have to pick one. That's just how it is, sorry.

Michael Vick is immature, ignorant, and blindingly stupid to have chosen the gangsta route, but notice how these adjectives I heap upon him have nothing to do with his race.

And neither do his troubles, despite what the NAACP says.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jim Cantore, Poseur

After watching CNN and the Weather Channel's coverage of Hurricane Dean all day, I think it's safe to say that when it comes to covering storms, cable news is seriously lacking in ideas. Their idea of the best way to cover a storm? Stand out in it.

That's why you have Jim Cantore standing along a raging coast in the middle of a driving rain, shouting little bits of wisdom into the mic as water streams off his brow.

Yes, yes, I know. Everyone wants to be Anderson Cooper, the brave intrepid reporter not on the sidelines in some studio, but in the thick of things, with the sea spray in his face and the threat of constant danger lurking at every turn.

I kept hoping beyond hope that a storm surge would come up and sweep Jim Cantore away midsentence. That, or please god, send a piece of flying debris to impale him.

Yes, newspeople, we know there is a hurricane. We can see the big swirling graphic over your map. That doesn't mean you have to stand out in it!

If you really wanted to impress me, drop the "look at me; I'm so brave" posings and just cover the story.

Monday, August 20, 2007

An Unbiblical Fondness For Cock

Sometimes if you subject yourself to slanted right wing nuttery, you can find some nuggets of comedy genius. Check out this hack piece on Scott Thomas Beauchamp.
“It was funny, making an attack that was pointless. Actually, doubly pointless — not only is my homosexuality a complete non-secret, but in any case, the factual claim that I’d made about Elle’s [Elspeth Reeve’s] link to STB [Scott Thomas Beauchamp] had already been publicly confirmed by The New Republic. Also, I think it’s worth pointing out that [the author] was clearly attempting to ‘out’ me not as merely gay, but as a ‘gay conservative.’ In other words, someone who ought to have no credibility on either the left (because of my self-loathing politics) or on the right (because of my unbiblical fondness for cock).”