Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hitchens Lays It All Out

He's an ass, but he says it better than I could.

A Compromise

Holy shit! Congress actually accomplished something.
Key senators in both parties announced agreement with the White House Thursday on an immigration overhaul that would grant quick legal status to millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and fortify the border.
I'm astounded. Both parties? With White House approval? I must be dreaming.

A government, you know, actually governing? This is interesting...

And I thought the two parties were just supposed to prove their extremist bonafides to their respective bases.

Of course, even though Congress and the President agree doesn't mean everyone will. There will still be those who call this amnesty, and those who say this doesn't go far enough. They're both right. This plan is flawed. But it's imperfect in the sense that people are imperfect. If we had magic we could wave our wand and make it all better. Since we only have the law, we do what we can.

Giving them some kind of legal status is a start. Maybe some day that will turn into respect. Other things will flow from there. The hoops they must jump through are unfortunate (for them), but not unreasonable. It might even be a good thing, economically speaking. Some company is going to start packaging "amnesty" loans to poor immigrants so they can pay the the 5 grand fine, I can tell you that.

But check this out:
In perhaps the most hotly debated change, the proposed plan would shift from an immigration system primarily weighted toward family ties toward one with preferences for people with advanced degrees and sophisticated skills.
The poor, the hungry no more. We want the cream of the crop.

I don't think that's a bad thing, but it does ratchet up the "they're taking our jobs" debate. Nowadays, undocumented workers work the shit jobs: cleaning toilets, picking lettuce, mowing lawns, slapping together Big Macs, selling burritos out of coolers. Blue collar jobs, low paying, low skill work. But perhaps that will change.

1-2. The Mexicans are coming for you. 3-4. Better lock the door.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Save This Link!

I've been meaning to post this link for weeks, and here it it. You will want to save this link in your bookmarks. You will spend hours at this link. This link will be good for your health, for your soul, and for your life.

Don't believe me? Just click it.

Long in-depth audio interviews with noted writers, including but not limited to Chuck Palahniuk, Dan Simmons, Joe R. Lansdale (hell yeah!), Clive Barker, Harvey Pekar, and others you might recognize and revere just as much.

See? Didn't I tell you so?

A Little Bit Real

From Huffpost's Marty Kaplan:
There were plenty of other opportunities in the Fox debate for Republican candidates to prove their macho, thanks to the hypothetical scenario -- straight out of the Fox show "24" -- that Brit Hume posed near the thrilling conclusion of the program. It had something to do with terrorists destroying three American shopping malls, and a captured terrorist who knew when the bomb would go off in a fourth mall: in other words, the "ticking time bomb" scenario which all American military and intelligence specialists have declared to be a confection of fevered Hollywood minds, rather than having anything to do with the real world of terrorism and interrogation. But this hypo from Planet Clancy permitted each of the candidates except McCain, who actually served in the military and knows what torture means, to claim that his own balls were truly big and clanky enough to authorize "whatever it takes," to prove that he among all the other candidates had the least compunctions about tearing up our faggy Constitution when faced with a suicider from Central Casting.
Did Britt Hume really float a 24-like scenario by the candidates to get an idea of their terror-fighting bonafides? I can't find a transcript and I didn't watch.

If he did, that's ridiculous. I think only one hypothetical is enough, that being "If you were President..." Once you start adding the plot lines of TV shows to the hypotheticals, you're really treading into dangerous territory.

"If you were President and Air Force One went down on a tropical island with mysterious properties..."

Come on, man. And the scenario posited by Hume (four bombs in four shopping malls?) is pretty silly too. Any self-respecting terrorist isn't going to futz with bombs in the United States.

We freak out over light brite guerilla advertising.

No, they'd be better off taking an assault rifle or two to the airport. Yes, the airport. They don't have to get past security. There's plenty of potential victims bottlenecked before you have to take your shoes off to prove you're not a shoe bomber.

My point is...get real. All you guys, from Britt Hume and the toadies at Fox News all the way to the Republicans vying for the nomination to the Republicans who currently hold office to the (small r) republicans who vote for them, GET REAL.

Spare us the hypotheticals you use to justify your ineffectiveness and hidden evil. Otherwise, I ain't listening.

Soccer Fun

I don't like soccer, but I'll make an exception in this case.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The River

Like I said the other day, the river is no joke.

I think I'll be investing in a life jacket soon.

Mountain of Mulch

Yesterday I carried away four truckloads of mulch from this pile. Once again, the Great Denver Mulch Giveaway is going on and I have to say, this's just not that great.

Denver doesn't really seem too interested in giving this stuff away. The Mulch Giveaway is only open Monday through Friday, from 6:30AM until 2PM, not the largest or most convenient window of time there. And this year, it seems they had a newbie at the grinder. Instead of fine wood chips, it looks like a bunch of broken branches.

"It's not very ornamental," a lady remarked, the only other person I saw at the pile, as she futzed around looking for good mulch with a trowel and a plastic bag.

I just got whatever...and this is what it looks like.
It'll do for now, but I'm less than pleased. I wish it was more...ornamental.

You get what you pay for, I guess.

Ding Dong The Witch Is...

Andrew Sullivan, who was blamed by Jerry Fallwell for causing 9-11, handled the minister's death with a decorum that I do not possess. He writes in post titled Fallwell is Dead:
Since I can think of nothing good to say about him, I'll say nothing. And pray for the repose of his soul.
I can't think of anything good either, but I can think of a lot of bad stuff.

I don't endorse a single thing that he did, from his support for segration and opposition to the Civil Rights movement, to making Tinky Winky gay, to suing Larry Flynt, to building up a huge church and religio-preunerial empire, to blaming 9-11 on the gays and the ACLU. But what really gets me mad is his lifelong devotion to tearing down the wall betwen Church and State.

So I won't demean the dead, but Jerry, I won't be missing you, buddy. See ya in hell.