Saturday, March 10, 2007

Early March Gardenblogging

Scratching at the gray earth, I toil.
With sweat and determination, I'm making progress.
With this box, I added 80 square feet to my garden, nearly doubling my growing space. There's much more to do, but this is a start.
In the mean time I amuse myself with trivial fence decorations. For instance, this sign.
And this boner-less Kokopelli.
It's almost time...

The Hypocrites NOT named Al Gore

I spend a few days working in the garden and look what happens. Hypocrisy (real hypocrisy, not the Al Gore "How dare you lecture me about global warming when you use electricity!" variety) seems to take over the right-wing agenda.

First, Scooter Libby is found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Then Newt Gingrich admits to an extra-marital affair during the Clinton years, during the Clinton impeachment years even.

And a darling vet embraced by Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity turns out to be a former gay porn star!

These stories aren't really connected, but they are illustrative of, well, let's be blunt about it: Right-wing hypocrisy.

Less than two hours after the verdict came in, there were political commentaries floating around the right-wing press demanding a presidential pardon for Libby's crime. Among the rationales I've read about is the "no underlying crime" one.

"Libby can't be guilty of perjury or obstruction here," they say, "because no one was charged with leaking Plame's identity. Since there was no underlying crime, then Libby's conviction doesn't really mean anything."

Hmm, funny that. You wonder if any of those folks writing for the National Review or the Wall Street Journal would have made a similar argument for Clinton, since he faced the same charges (and was exonerated). "There's no underlying crime, so this impeachment stuff is much ado about nothing."

Of course they wouldn't. (And they didn't.)

As for Gingrich now admitting that he was embroiled in his own extra-marital affair even as he battled against Clinton's, well, he's not alone. It's widely known that during the Clinton impeachment, his successor as Speaker of the House, Bob Livingston, was forced to admit his own indiscretions and resigned in disgrace. Also, during the same time, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Henry Hyde's own 1960s marital infidelities came to light.

And to think these cheaters were up front and center condemning Clinton.

As for Cpl Matt Sanchez, this is all I can say. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Michelle Malkin, you got pwnd! Yeah, I know you're trying to use this to show that the left is secretly homophobic, but come on, Michelle. You expect me to believe that if you knew Matt Sanchez was a porn star...a gay porn star no less...that you would have still taken up his cause?

Then you're dumber than I thought.

As for Bryan's commentary on Malkin's Hot Air blog:
Sanchez would have done well to inform CPAC of his past and let them decide whether or not to honor him with the award, but he didn’t and it’s not difficult to understand why. Who wants to bring up something like that, once a group of distinguished people have decided that you’re honorable?

For our friends on the left who will tar the entire conservative movement over the past of one man, you’d do well to consider something that GayPatriotWest reminded me of — at the heart of the Christian story is a prostitute, Mary Magdalene.
My first response would be that, yes, it's not difficult to understand why Matt Sanchez didn't openly disclose his sexuality, or his porn star past, to CPAC. That's a big old duh. These are the same clowns who gave Ann Coulter a stage to start throwing F-bombs around.

But what's this about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute? Is that even true? Not according to the Bible or its apochrypha.

I love it when people cite biblical authority, then expose their complete ignorance of the Bible itself. It reminds me of this book review I read the other day.
The United States is the most religious nation in the developed world, if religiosity is measured by belief in all things supernatural -- from God and the Virgin Birth to the humbler workings of angels and demons. Americans are also the most religiously ignorant people in the Western world.
Really? Really.
Approximately 75 percent of adults, according to polls cited by Prothero, mistakenly believe the Bible teaches that "God helps those who help themselves." More than 10 percent think that Noah's wife was Joan of Arc. Only half can name even one of the four Gospels, and -- a finding that will surprise many -- evangelical Christians are only slightly more knowledgeable than their non-evangelical counterparts.
Yeah, sounds about right.

Most fundamentalist Christians would be shocked to learn that the earliest canonical gospel (Mark) was written thirty years after Jesus died by a dude who wasn't even there, or that Matthew and Luke were based on Mark. And how many fundies could tell you whos prevailed during the Council of Nicea, Arius or Athanasius? (C'mon, 50-50 shot.) The Catholic kids might know, but I can almost guarentee you that most Baptists don't, and they don't even care.

Does it really matter if Mary Magdalene was a wealthy benefactor of Jesus, and maybe even his lover, or if she was a prostitute cleansed in the blood of Christ?

Probably. But who am I to challenge ancient beliefs?

Oh, and not to diverge wildly off a cliff, but remember all those cowardly pro-terrorist liberals who railed against the Patriot Act because it was suceptible to abuses? They were right.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cheap Shots

True story:

A friend of mine asks me why our friendship seems strained lately, and less than a week later, posts this comment about me on another blog:
Please don’t go too hard on my friend James. He does have a reading comprehension problem. Perhaps due to a lack of education, perhaps due to a confirmation bias. He tends to evaluate evidence based upon his predetermined conclusion (You are either with me or against me, and being with me, you must agree that all people with any conservative belief whatsoever are evil, evil I tell you! In fact, all you here, you form an axis of evil! It’s an axis! The right wing smear machine axis. Blah, blah blah….Where did I leave my bong?).

Please, follow the link to his blog. That is, if you don’t already know what it says, and you do. Very predictable.

What I find funny though is this:

“the only, and I repeat, ONLY people you hear talking about them anymore are conservative Republican sympathizers using them as cudgels to beat liberal Dems.”

Wasn’t that sort of the point of Bob’s post to begin with? That group A uses the worst examples of group B to prove that all people in group B are idiots? Didn’t James pretty much just repeat the point Bob was trying to make?

Oh jeez, I need to go easy on the poor guy.

And let’s not bring up logic! Logic is just code for “not thinking for yourself.” Jeez, where did I put that bong?
Maybe it's the constant insults and complete lack of respect.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Thoughts? Shah right.

Watching the Walter Reed hearings on the Washington Post's site. A man with an eye patch and a chest full of medals is talking. I'm listening.

Why am I watching the hearings? It's been one of those mornings.

I turned the video wall to CNN at 4:00AM MST. It wasn't because of a thirst for news or because I love that channel. It's because I have a complete and total crush on Soledad O'Brien and that's when her show starts. When she cocks that crooked smile and flashes those eyes, I can't help but be drawn in. And that voice.

She could read the phone book and I'd listen.

You know, this Walter Reed hearing is disturbing. I'd rather be watching Soledad. She got an award the other day too. Good job, baby.

This crash messed up my commute yesterday. Two cars, eight people. Maybe a little booze...

I can't watch this hearing anymore. Must...think...good...thoughts.

You don't want to know what I'd do to this dude, but it might involve a grappling hook, a baseball bat, and one sorry wife-killer.

Wait, think good thoughts.

If you haven't seen this video, check it out:
Good thoughts? Funny thoughts.

But good?

So if I was gay, furrier, bald, and English, would I be Andrew Sullivan? Maybe...

Today he posts a link to the "It's not just just Walter Reed" story, and adds this little bit:
"I have to say I'm impressed by Bob Gates' quick response."

And the other day, I said:
"I have to say I have been thoroughly impressed with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates's response to the Walter Reed scandal."
It's almost the exact same sentence, but mine is more flowery.

And he's the gay one.

An Army of Wannabes

Note to self: Resist the urge, James. Resist the urge.

Resist the urge to click on right wing blogs. Come on, James. You can do it. It's not that hard. It's not like quitting smoking or building a life size replica of Devil's Tower in my living room. Not clicking over on Malkin or Instapundit should be easy!

But it's not.

I have to keep checking, if only because the search is good for material. For instance, I clicked over to Instapundit and he has a post up about his "podcast" room.

Take a look.

My first impression was...not bad, man. Where can I get some of that shit. Those mics look pretty cool, and headphones?? You have headphones.

But that initial impression quickly descended to, "What a wanker."

Glenn Reynolds famously wrote a book called An Army of Davids. (You can look for it in the Bargain Books section at your local Barnes and Noble.) And while I haven't read the book, I can tell you what it's looking at the subtitle: "How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths"

And that's when I realized that Reynolds doesn't want to "beat" Big Media...

He wants to BE Big Media.

On another note, if it weren't for Insta-wannabe-media-magnate, I wouldn't have found this ridiculous post. This guy actually makes this completely absurd (and easily debunked) claim:
The truth is that Ann Coulter has never been as popular with Republicans as she is with Democrats who need her to remind Americans why they shouldn’t be Republicans.

Since when has Ann Coulter been popular with Democrats??? A popular target, maybe...

Bottom line is this. Ann Coulter is a Republican pundit who was invited by Republicans to speak at a Republican conference. And while she was there, she tarred an opponent with a gay slur. Those are the facts.

Why did she feel so comfortable issuing gay slurs in front of a Republican audience? You'll have to ask Ann Coulter for her version of the "facts," but if you wanted my opinion, maybe it's because the Republican party is hostile to gays!

That, and they have no qualms about spewing hateful and very untrue smears.